Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May catch up post

Hello darlings, just a quick wrap up post of some May excitement.  Went to cheer on my fave Koffie and the caps with my gf.  We won :)

Went wine tasting and tried about 20 amazing wines.

Did a media review for some great dishes from Salathai

Caught up with some Robeez friends over sushi

Beaded with a maasai mama over breakfast

Went beer tasting with Ken

Had a parot fly into my head at Bloedel

Checked out QE park with Ken :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Seawall, Otter Sex, and Sunset Seafood Feast

Good morning darlings!  Hope everyone is loving spring.  My uncle from the Yukon was recently in town for 2 days, so this is what we did!

Seawall stroll which happened to catch some vicious vocal otter sex.

Happy Hour at the Calling

Signature Seafood salad at Milestones in English Bay

Day 2 - Granville Island Public Market fun including dessert tasting of raspberry cheesecakes, and key lime tarts.

Granville Island Brewery beer tasting

English Bay sunset dinner at The Boathouse

Extra spicy caesars

Leek and asparagus spring soup

Mixed seafood in a coconut curry sauce

14 oz steak

Gin & Sin - A Private Affair

Hello lovelies!  Just wanted to share some amazing highlights from my media review at Killjoy barbers - Gin & Sin, A Private Affair launch party.  Ken & I had some amazing drinks, including Rosemary's Baby which started with some rosemary on fire!  All of the cocktails were amazing and super strong.  We also had some complimentary cheese and gravlax plates.  Believe it or not, but this place is actually a barber shop too.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glowbal, Seawall, Waterfalls and more.. hello spring

Hello lovelies!  I've been dining out so much lately completing my 2nd Glowbal Passport.

And I completed it!  Hello $200 Glowbal giftcard :)

I also fixed my sushi crave at Sushi Cali

Hit up the seawall for a beautiful stroll, followed by happy hour at Ebisu

Had a sunset bbq with my Ken, and a wonderful hike in Lynn Valley

Made use of my $200 Glowbal GC at Coast with Ken

Got my spring Luxebox!

and went back to Coast the next day for a lunch date.  Hope everyone is having an amazing spring so far!