Friday, February 26, 2010

Bogart's - Great spot for live Jazz

We checked out Bogart's one sunny evening in the summer during the Jazz festival, and were delightfully amazed! We opted for a spot on their nice sunny patio with a view of west broadway, while they were getting ready for some live jazz inside. Bogart's apparently is really big on live Jazz, even when the festival is not on, so if you want to listen to some of vancouver's best jazz artist's, you will most likely find them performing here at night. Our waitress was really great, different then the usual kind at most upscale restaurants. She was dressed in a 50's trendy black dress, and very knowledgeable about what was happening in the city that night. This is a great spot to come and chill on the patio and watch the nightlife on west broadway in the summer for sure. Below are some pictures of our night out at Bogart's.

Charles trying Bogart's Prawns and Chillies dish. This dish had Huge prawns as you can see. I tried some and it was an amazing pasta. I'm usually picky when seafood is mixed with a marinara sauce, as sometimes it's not the best combo - but Bogart's hit it right on. The Chillies were a milder green chilli, so don't let the name fool you.

I tried their Chicken on puffed Phyllo with seasonal veggies. I always love having broccollini! This dish was really smooth. I'm not too sure what else they added to the puffed Phyllo to make it so firm yet tender, but it went well with the grilled chicken breast and sauce. They also have smaller sparkling water bottles here if you're not looking for the regular huge bottle.

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