Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coast - Favorite Place for Seafood

I love doing this blog on Coast as it's one of my top 3 restaurants to eat at! It's part of the Glowbal Group, and if you have a letsgofordinner card, you can purchase lunch and dinner gift certificates for half cost! That's actually how we came across Coast, we were exploring the restauarants on letsgofordinner and purchased a 50$ gift card for 25$. We decided to check out Coast one summer night at their old location in yaletown (which is now the location of Society, another restaurant in the Glowbal Group). We sat on the patio for our first visit and was amazed at the service! Our table we were sitting at was right against the wall near freshly watered plants, so there was a little ant problem, but our server proactively slided our table slighty to avoid any ants coming onto our table.

We decided to order the Summer Festival Platter, which was a 3 course meal for 29$ a person. This was an AMAZING DEAL! I dont think there were any other better deals in the city that night!

Here are some pictures from their old location, which will be followed by a blog about their new location and more photos.

Our first dish from the summer seafood festival was the appetizer platter which contained an amazing seafood chowder. I am REALLY picky about mussells, yet these blended so well with the chowder!!

Also included in the summer seafood festival was Buttermilk Calamari, Mixed Greens and Ahi Tuna Tempura Rolls. I've never tried buttermilk calamari, and I was amazed with how light and smooth this dish was, the squid melted in your mouth, which is so rare with most squid dishes!! The Ahi Tuna Tempura Rolls were huge, and didnt fall apart upon touch. The Mixed Greens were very freshing, and we were amazed with the presentation and variety of our appetizer platter - and very excited to see what was next!

Charles enjoying the patio, and pleased with our first dish!

Our Entree Platter from the summer seafood festival. Consisted of Shrimp Risotto, Halibut, Lobster and Seasonal Veggies. This is actually the first time either of us have tried risotto, but have always wanted to since watching Hells Kitchen where its a regular dish. I am pleased to say Coast made my first risotto dish perfectly!! The Carrots and Broccolinni were perfect as well, and the Halibut was light and flakey. I actually enjoyed the Halibut with the remaining risotto sauce! The main part of course was the 1/2 lobster!! I love how they cut it apart and lightly battered it which made it easy to take a part and eat! The last thing you want to do on a date night is attack a lobster and make a mess, and Coast made sure it was a pleasent eating experience! Lobster is my favorite type of seafood, and a lot of restaurants provide smaller portions of lobster, especially if its a 1/2 lobster.. but the lobster we had was HUGE! you almost didnt even notice it was only 1/2.

A close up of our entree platter


When we got our dessert platter, we were allready so full!! Yet so determined to finish everything. Normally we don't usually order desserts, unless it included cheese or fresh fruit, as Charles doesn't really have a sweet tooth, so I was really excited to have dessert as it's a rare thing for me. I was really excited it actually included some of my favorite things to eat for dessert and also some new dishes I can't wait to try again!

Our Dessert Platter included Creme Brulee with raspberries, Mango Gelato, a Molten Choclate Lava Cupcake, and fresh Strawberries and Blueberries. We started with the Creme Brulee, which is the first time we have ever tried it - and for Charles, someone without a sweet tooth, he LOVED it! We moved onto the Gelato, which is my favorite type of dessert as its so smooth and refreshing on your palate. Next was the chocolate lava cupcake, which to me was amazing as I love chocolate, but a little rich for Charles. Finished it off with the strawberries and blueberries and were completely full, (but the type of full that I just had an amazing dinner type of full).


On to our next Coast visit @ their new location on Alberni. We were so impressed with our last visit we new we had to try another shared platter dish. This time we tried their Seafood Signature Platter, which was also 29$ per person. As we were in love with the buttermilk calamari from last time, we ordered that as our starter.

When we got to Coast we were hoping to sit on the patio, but once inside we noticed the 2nd level, and that they had some prime tables with a great view of the lower level so we opted to sit up there instead. What a great Choice! The view was amazing and we could see the entrance, & the ice bar.

A Picture of our view, and also my Decked out Ceaser. The Ceaser came with a jumbo prawn, which was like a teaser itself! Best Ceaser I've ever had for only 8$.

Our Starter, the Buttermilk Calamari. I love how they had a filter around the lemon to prevent the seeds when squeezed, and just as before, the Calamari was delicious!


Our Signature Seafood Platter consisted of King Crab Tempura, Wild Sea Tiger Prawns, Potato Gnocci, Sockeye Salmon, Tomato Gastrique, Asparagus and Halibut. I had never had King Crab Tempura before, and I think this is one of my favorite tempura dishes to ever try! Both The Salmon and Halibut were grilled perfectly, and prawns were so tasty! I had also never had Gnocci at a restaurant before, and thought the mushrooms and sauce choice were a perfect match. This dish was very rich and smooth, and blended great with the seafood. The tomato gastrique is also something I have never tried with that name, but was pretty much skinless cherry tomatoes cooked slightly. Asparagus was also delightful, although Charles isn't really an asparagus fan - so more for me!

Charles & I @ Coast

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