Friday, February 26, 2010

DIX BBQ & Brewery

Dix BBQ has always been one of our favorite spots to go have BBQ. I actually prefer it way more then Memphis Blues which a lot of others seem to like better. We have been coming here for years, and it's the perfect spot to come before a game, or even to watch a game. It's a real manly enviroment. Here Beer is pouring constant, and they provide you with peanuts which you can throw the shells on the ground. It's not exactly the date type spot, but it's the spot you come with your boys to relax. It's also only a few blocks from GM and BC Place, so it makes a great spot to meet up for drinks and food before your event. They also offer a 2 for 1 in the entertainment book, and there's no restriction on how many can be used per table - so it makes for a cheap party! This place is also great becuase they take huge reservations, even last minute - so it's a great spot to plan a birthday for your man. Below are some pictures from some of our visits @ Dix.

Charles tried the BBQ Beef Meatloaf, as he had never had his meatloaf BBQ'd before, and he said they did a great job. It was nicely seasoned, and they added some beef gravy to go with it. It was a pretty big portion, (2 Big pieces). If you come to Dix and get an entree, you don't need an appetizer for sure!

Here you can see how HUGE their nacho's are. We actually asked for the majority of the items not be included as they are supposed to load it up with Chilli, (which contains pork), but they were still really good. They added pulled chicken for us instead. The nacho's at Dix don't come with your traditional toppings like jalepenos, banana peppers, onions etc... I think they are ment to be more Chilli Cheese Nachos.

Charles trying the Jambalaya dish before we are off to the Globetrotters. They provided a HUGE selection of tender Prawns, Chicken and Chorizo, with nicely cooked Basmatti rice. This dish is actually not spicey, like Jambalaya should be if it's authentic so we added a bit of hot sauce!

Allen trying my Pina Colada Martini @ Charles bday. Looks like he approves. Although this place is famous for its beer, they still make really good Pina's. You can see the metal baskets on the table which contain menus, napkins and utensils.

Bunny and Charles @ Dix for Charles 30th bday, taking a break from some of the really yummy beer wings.

Obe, Charles and Drench @ Charles 30th bday celebration. Perfect place if you need a reservation of 20+ in a testosterone enviroment.

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