Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kobe - Vancouvers Best Japanese Steakhouse

Charles 32nd birthday was coming up and we had been wanting to try Kobe Steakhouse for awhile, and also wanted to make use of the entertainment card discount with Kobe before the 2009 book expired, so we chose Kobe as his birthday restaurant. From the outside it looks like a restaurant you would walk into in the japanese part of central Los Angeles, but once inside you'd be surprised how Huge it is! They have 2 floors with Hibachi tables that seat 8 people per table. If you are planning a party, and are going with a crowd of 8, this is a great place as you will have the table all to yourself with your own Hibachi Chef. These Chefs are made to entertain, and do everything from creating HUGE flames, to juggling knives and throwing food perfectly into your mouth. I think this place would be great if you have a semi awkward business meeting where you are entertaining employees you don't really know. This place is also great if you are looking for REAL KOBE Beef & Lobster for a Great Price. This is a Great Place to go for Teppenyaki. Charles had the Kobe Emporers Special which consisted of Lobster & Kobe Steak with all the fixings. I had the Seafood combination which consisted of Giant Prawns and Atlantic Scallops with all the fixings.

Below are some pictures from our first Kobe experience.

A Picture of one of the giant flames the chefs create while cooking. As you can see you don't want to be sitting too close!!

Our Hibachi Chef cooking the lobster tails

Our Hibachi Chef cooking 3 Kobe Seaks, and 1 regular steak. Also you can see the lobster tails have now been cut up.

My seafood combination of scallops and prawns. I love how they just melted in my mouth! Also served with Zuchini, Mushrooms and Onion which were very flavorful!

Charles Lobster Tail all cut up and ready to eat. As you can see, they give you ALOT of Lobster! Of course I had to steal a bite!!! This lobster was cooked perfectly.

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