Friday, February 26, 2010

LIFT - Best Patio in Vancouver

My mom brought Charles and I to LIFT as she lives in the heart of Coal Harbour, so this was a must try! It's located in the prime area of Coal Harbour, and has one of the best views there! You can either eat inside, or on the patio if the weather is nice. You get a great view of Stanley Park & Coal Harbour. For a party of 3, we each had 1 drink, 1 shot, 1 appy and 1 entree each and the bill came to just over 300.. so make sure you come here for a special night out, and not when you are looking for a cheaper meal! However this is one of the finest spots to dine in Vancouver, and I think even if you are looking for a patio with drinks, make use of this place as it has 2 floors of patio with a great view!

Time for Tequila! My mom Barb and our awesome view at LIFT. It was a little of gloomy day so we sat inside, but still an AWESOME view! I can only imagine how nice it would be to sit on their patio on a nice day during a sunset. Also by patio, I mean they have 2 layers of patio - one on the same level outside and one also on the top floor. This place is deffinately the patio of all patios.

Ordered a round of Tequila shots to go with the meal. We got sauza silver instead, as that one is gluten free (like my mom). Thought I'd take a picture of how cute the table is before the shots. We also were drinking VOSS one of my favorite sparkling waters.

Charles ordered for his appetizer crab cakes, pico de gala, avocado, creme fraiche and tomatillo salsa. This dish was really good! Seen as though I tried I had to share my Calamari with Charles. It was really great, although we wish it had 5-6 pieces instead of 4! The mini crab cakes were great though, and I think they make their own tortilla chips which is great.

I ordered the Calamari as a starter... I know it's so common, but I love Great Calamari, and seen as though we were at one of the best restaurants in Vancouver, I wanted Better than Great Calamari. This was really great, one of the best I've had. I love that it wasn't oily at all, and all of the pieces looked attractive enough to eat.. (you know how some restaurants serve you pieces you wonder about putting in your mouth!) What Also was great about this dish was that it had a really great seafood cocktail sauce along with the tzatziki.

My mom ordered for her appetizer the Organic Baby Beets, Ricotta, Toasted Walnuts, Carrot Julienne and Red Wine Vinaigrette. When she got this dish I was thinking, why didn't I order this also! I mean as much as I love my Calamari, I can get that anywhere and this looked so fab! Along with being very healthy and fresh!

Charles had the grilled 10oz AAA New York Steak, pommes frittes and peppercorn sauce. Charles loves his steaks if they are done right and this is a steak lovers delight. It was cooked well done to perfection, and it was amazing that actually having a peppercorn sauce, you actually get full peppercorns and not just ground pepper. There were also a basket of fries that came with this, although Charles was so full after his appy and steak he could barely finish the fries.

I ordered the Weatheredvane Scallops, St Jaques Style with bay shrimp, cremini mushrooms, sherry, cream and guyere cheese. Man was this good. I don't think I have ever had scallops better than this. I loved how they served it in the shell, but baked it slightly in the oven to have the cheese melted in. They served a nice portion with it heaping out of the shell. This was a great dish and I'd deffinately recommend it.

My mom's main dish was served so AMAZING also! She ordered the Artic Char with Spinach, Roasted Parsnips, Beluga Lentils, Bacon, Honey & Thyme Butter Sauce. This dish was cooked the way Fish is supposed to, delicately. Everything was perefct about this dish, and it was Gluten Free.

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