Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Reef - brunch on the drive

The Reef is deffinately one of my fav places to have brunch, and since Charles and I always seem to end up on the drive, we usually eat here pretty often.
Sadly, I've never taken pictures of my food from any of the other times we have been (and I've had some pretty amazing dishes!)

What I love about this place is that in the evening they have a house DJ that spins reggae every night, they have a patio in the summer, and they offer pretty authentic carribean food. They only take reservations for up to 8 people, so you wont be able to have a huge gathering here.

Some of my favorite dishes from them are:
Jerk Salmon Benny
Island Thyme Chicken
Curried Coconut Plantain Soup
Some of the dishes I really want to try areAckee & Saltfish
Coco Prawns
Maracas Bay Mahi

Here are some pictures from The Reef

Jerk Salmon Benny during their weekend brunch hours. So Delish for only $11

The Reef gave us free homemade doughnuts with our brunch that had some sort of baked banana in them.. They were sooo good!


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