Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sip Resto Lounge on Granville

Sip Resto Lounge is where Charles brought me for Valentines last year, as they had a set 3 course meal for 35$ person that looked amazing!!! This place is an awesome spot to go for late tapas and drinks before your night at a concert or club scence. This spot has an open kitchen where you can see your ticket being called and all of your food being made. This spot deffinately makes you feel welcome as I've never had a better server then the one I had at Sip. She was the sweetest, prettiest waitress who brought us to our private booth, and offered us champagne. She also kept coming to refill my sparkling water everytime the glass got halfway. Also every dish at Sip has some sort of alcohol infused in it, so it makes you wonder how it will taste. Below are some pictures of our valentines at Sip.

For my appetizer I selected the Sip Seafood Salad. Dish was sort of like Mixed greens with Seafood Carpaccios and prawns. The dish consisted of poached prawns, smoked salmon, grapefruit marinated tuna, mixed greens, absolut citron vinagrette. The dish was really great to start, and I love the fried capers with the tuna and salmon. I also got to have my favorite sparkling water San Pellegrino!

For Charles main entree he selected the Prosciutto wrapped 6oz AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin, with seasonal veggies, crispy potatoes and a sherry demi-glaze. He said the beef was cooked perfect (he has his steak well done), and there was no red at all. They served this dish on a HUGE plate, but I love plates that are the type you'd buy at home outfitters (the type we have at our house).

For my main entree I selected the Sake Miso Baked Wild Salmon, with seasonal veggies, warm sushi rice and ginger cream. This dish was so delightfully refreshing. The salmon was still flakey for being baked, and the rice had a perfect consistency. The ginger cream was also a perfect combination to go with the Salmon.

Our dessert was the Sip dessert platter with 3 different options to taste. We tried the Lemon Tart, Pecan Pie, and Chocolate Raspberry Tortee. The sizing was perfect for these 3, and even with Charles lack of sweet tooth, he had an equal share! The Pecan Pie was really sweet, and I loved the Raspberry filling on the tortee. I think my favorite was the lemon tart though, as it was more refreshing than sweet.

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