Friday, February 26, 2010

Steamworks Brewery - Drinks in Gastown

Steamworks has always been a place we frequent when we are in the waterfront/gastown area. This place is great for a lot of reasons. They have a huge outdoor patio, thats even open in the winter (covered though), and the inside has 3 floors. The bar area and restaurant area are upstairs, and downstairs they have the lounge/bar area. This place also takes reservations so it's usually really packed with large groups. This is a great place to go if you are planning on going out to a club or event in the gastown area later that night, as several clubs are less then 5 blocks away. This place has it's own selection of beer on tap, so you won't find your canadian, kokanee, stella etc... but they do have some great options including a raspberry lager that's really tasty! They also have amazing Mojito pitchers where they use a lot of mint. I don't have too many pictures to display of food, but more of drinks from a few visits. Check out the pics below.

We ordered nachos for a party of 3 to split during the olympics while watching a hockey game in their lower lounge area. As I'm not a fan of olives, I requested extra Jalepenos instead. The waitress informed us the kitchen is really busy and not taking any substitutions at the time, but she'd put in a request. We figured it would probably take awhile for our food, and were surprised when the nachos came in under 10 minutes. Also they had no olives and had more jalepenos then I expected. I was pleased! Only complaint was that the cheese was really baked on, and not as stringy as I prefer - but besides that they were HUGE! 2 hungry guys and me couldn't even finish these.

Allen having some Honey Lager for pre-drinks upstairs in the bar area before we head out to Shine to celebrate his birthday. Another Honey Lager fan!

One of my favorite drinks is one I call the Pacific. I tried it a few summers ago at a bar down on Davie, and its Bombay, Blue Curaco, and pink grapefruit. I've never seen this anywhere else, and when I order a Pacific, they either don't know what it is or bring me the Pacific beer. Allen having my favorite drink at Steamworks for his birthday!

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