Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thai House - Best Thai Chain

Thai House has always been one of our usual restaurants to frequent, mainly because I am always stacked up on 2 for 1 entree dishes from the entertainment book, so it makes for a healthy yet cheap dinner! Only thing I wish they had was a better ambiance, I mean it's not bad, but they could make it better! I've only had one bad dish here out of the 20 something times we have been here... which was recieving a chicken dish (Gai Pad Ma-Maung Hin Ma-Pan) with WAY TOO MUCH fish sauce. I don't know who likes their chicken to taste like fish but it surely isn't me!!!! They have a HUGE menu which makes it so hard to order! For the most part we result back to the same dishes each time, although we have tried our share of the chicken, prawn and duck dishes. One thing that has never let me down is the Tom Yum Gai soup. I am a sucker for good Thai Soup, and I've never had better at a restaurant then at Thai House. I really want to explore other great Thai restaurants like the one my friend Jaree works at downtown, Sala Thai, as the only other Thai restaurant I tend to frequent is Tropika and other Thai House chains (Thai Chilli House, Urban Thai Bistro).

One of our favorite dishes is the Goong Sapparod, which consists of Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with red curry paste, fresh pineapple and coconut milk - served in a pineapple shell. This dish can satisfy anyones palate!

Another one of our usual dishes is the Gai Pad Ma-Maung Hin Ma-Pan, which consists of Boneless chicken, with Thai Chilli, onions, mushroom and fresh basil. We used to order this dish almost everytime until the fish sauce incident! Now we always make sure to tell them not too much fish sauce if we order it.

My mother Barbara and my father-inlaw Ruben at Thai House. This is at the metrotown location. This is probably the best place to sit at Thai House as you have a round table that can sit 8, and it has the best view within the restaurant.

My mother-inlaw Dinah and my mom Barbara also at the metrotown location.

Thai House has a specialized cocktail list infused with Thai Traditions. This is a picture of me with the Lychee Martini. If you are looking to drink some rum out of a coconut or pineapple with fancy fruit on your straw, you can come here for that!

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