Monday, March 1, 2010

Lux @ Caprice - the Socialite scene

I had wanted to go to Lux for a while since seeing a bunch of photo's my friends had posted of their visits. This place reminded me of a place that the girls from the Hills would go to, or something Paris Hilton would be at. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of the owners who was really nice and brought us to a great spot! They also had a house DJ spinning great tunes. We noticed that there was another huge stagette party - as they offer really good stagette deals! Lux had a 3 course special for 25$, which Charles and I took advantage of. a few of the other people in our party also tried that, and some opted to just order from their regular menu. Although I had so much excitement for this place it slowly went downhill...
When we were seated, I was told many of the cocktails were not available including the one I wanted, a simple bellini - as they were out of Champagne. I was thinking how is this possible when there is a BC Liq store less then 10 blocks away that's open til 11pm! Charles was thinking he would have diet coke - again no diet coke? How is it that you are out of that when there are soo many stores on Granville you can go grab some at! Anyways since I couldn't have a bellini I had a strongbow. So when the waitress came to take our 3 course order she let us know that both of the dessert options were not available so we had to make a different selection. I was still wondering, if it's just dessert, can't they go to the safeway across the street and pick up some ingredients? Once we ordered, Our appetizer came pretty fast which was great! Then came the entrees which all seemed a little small for the ones from the set menu, so I started to wish we ordered off the regular menu! Especially when my dish was missing some of the items that were supposed to be in it. Our Desserts arrived that looked bigger then our entrees, yet sadly one of my friends Derek, his entree didn't arrive yet. As he didn't have an appetizer he was really hungry and everyone was almost done dessert. We had to ask the waitress how long until his entree is, and it sounded like the Kitchen forgot. 10 minutes later his sablefish arrived, but really undercooked! As we complained, the waitress mentioned that his entree will be free, but still he had to leave the restaurant hungry. I think to top off the evening, we noticed that when we were getting ready to leave, the stagette party all of a sudden were in an awful argument with the LUX staff. I think it was a dispute over the bill, but the poor bride to be was in tears! I felt bad, thinking what a way to start off your night. They didn't get Champagne to toast her celebration, and then they leave her in tears over a bill dispute. I think I will probably give this place a 2nd chance - but not with high hopes. I'll probably just come back to try their cheese plate which looked really good. Below are some pictures from that night.

For our appetizer Charles and I both selected the Dungeness Crab Lollipops with fennel and tarragon. These were amazing, but slightly dry.. wish it had a little bit of a puree or sauce with it! It's interesting that our appetizer is probably the same size as our entrees and desserts!

For my main entree I selected the Queen Charlotte Halibut Cheeks which came with Organic Potatoes, Tomatoes, French Beans, Quail Egg, Lemon and Basil. It was interesting that the menu said poached quail egg, when mine sure looked and tasted boiled! I was also wondering where the tomatoes were in the dish. This dish was really tasty, but pretty small.

For my dessert I tried the Sorbet Trio - again one of the sorbet's was out of stock (lemon) so they had to substitute for lime. I actually loved the sorbet after dinner, and especially loved the raspberry one that's on the left (also included strawberry and lime). I wasn't fond of the biscuit though.

For the main entree Charles tried the Roasted Lamb with Squash cubes, fresh Basil and a Black Cherry Dark Chocolate sauce. He seemed to love everything about it except the size of meat! Made me think of those commercials they have for Wendy's where they go out to eat and the entree is so small so they go into Wendy's after for another meal. Ramsey probably wouldn't send these out, as you know how he doesn't like small pieces of lamb!

For the dessert trio, just like with a few of their drinks, they were also out of one of the dessert options in the set 3 course meal - so this was another option. Charles had the white chocolate berry tart, which was about as big as his main entree. He ate some of it, but being as though he doesn't have a sweet tooth and it was so huge he didn't finish, although he still had an appetite.

Ali and Teresa ordered the Cheese Plate to start - I wish I got that!!! You can see the leftovers behind, and for their main they got the salmon entree.

Our good Friends Teresa and Ali, with part of the Lux bar behind them. I love how pretty this place is! Totally not the spot for a guys night out, unless their mission is to pick up hotties @ a chic bar!

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