Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Reef - 2.0 Brunch

We visited the Reef for a rainy sunday brunch with 3 other friends and a toddler, and walked into a pretty packed restaurant. Only one of our friends had been into the Reef before when I introduced them to the restaurant a few months ago, so when it came time to planning a brunch with some friends this place came up! We were the first to arrive actually about 15 minutes past our 1pm reservation, and I ordered a passionfruit mimosa for 6$, and Charles had a lager pint for 4$ as well as some Yardie Yam Fries with Jerk Mayo for 6$ while we waited. I actually had never tried the Yam Fries from the Reef before, and they were actually really thick cut large pieces. Our friends arrived and we all ordered our mains while listeing to some reggae from the DJ booth. During the daytime it's just a playlist, but in the evening they have a house DJ or special guest DJ's spinning from Vinyl. All of our dishes were amazing, and even the 3 year old toddler loved the food. Normally you recieve the complimentary appetizer doughnuts, but they actually arrived for dessert which I think is better, as it was great after our entree!
Check out the pictures below from our latest brunch visit.

Yardie Yam Fries with Jerk Mayo $6. Huge Yam sticks, and cooked perfectly. The Jerk Mayo was a great dip!

Jamaica Me Crabby Brunch dish $11. Oceanwise curried crabcakes on toasted english muffin topped with medium poached eggs, citrus hollandaise and salsa. Served with hashbrowns, orange slice and cantelope slice. Great Brunch dish, and the crabcakes are oceanwise so you know you are eating good quality! I added some of the Reefs signature hot sauce, however the citrus hollandaise is perfect on its own also.

The Trini Roti for 10$ wrapped in a housemade flatbread seasoned with tumeric and cumin with Jerk Chicken. Served with coleslaw. This is a HUGE dish, Charles couldn't even finish.

View of the inside Jerk Chicken mixture. Huge chunks of potatoes and Jerk Chicken and so tasty!

Complimentary dessert, 5 mini like doughnuts filled with fresh banana, with a banana butter spread.

Close up of one of the complimentary desserts from the Reef.


  1. I went to the Reef also this weekend, Friday night.
    You should try their Rum Punch if you haven't already, it was delish!
    And those desserts you have, I think those are the same ones they serve at night, but minus the sugar coating, and they call them Jonny cakes. SO YUMMY!
    unfortunately, it wasnt my camera that took the pics, so pics will be posted once my friends upload =(

  2. Nat,

    I have never tried the Rum Punch! But the Reef is known for their great rum selection - especially lately with their sunday night rum tastings. You are right, the complimentary desserts were called Jonny Cakes. What did you end up ordering for your meal?

  3. The food looks good at the Reef. I can't wait to try it out!! :)