Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wings on Granville - Hit or Miss

I've gone to Wings on Granville quite a few times over the years, but mostly if I've been in the area and really craving wings - as I have had my few share of good and bad experiences! So it's not usually a spot I plan, just incase it ends up bad! First I will let you know some of my worst experiences I've had at Wings - which most would consider never going back!

One time about 2 or 3 summers ago, we went to wings as we were down on that end of Granville and they had their patio open. We were sitting on the patio in the section thats closest to the street, compared to against the Wings building. There was a really drunk, and I believe homeless person who was pretty much harassing the customers of Wings asking for food and money. He would them come onto the patio and sit at an empty table cursing and yelling, and then get up and stagger off to the street - and repeat. A few cusomers on the patio complained to the staff about this man, and all the wings staff did was remove the free chairs so he could not come and sit down - which did not prevent him from coming back. Finally we couldn't take it anymore and have no idea why no one from the wings staff asked him to leave, so we went inside.
I think actually the worst experience I have ever had though was when Charles and I went one late night probably about a year ago - and sat inside due to the last horrible patio incident. We decided to share 3 types of wings and placed our order. I believe we ordered Jerk, BBQ and some sort of Hot wing. When our order arrived, the wings did not look like any of the type we ordered, so we stared at them trying to figure out what type they were. We tried them, and I could clearly tell that they were not the ones we ordered, and on top - 2 of them were very plain and only in a dry rub with no sauce, which I didn't like. We stopped eating them, and about 5 minutes later our waitress arrived saying oh we messed up your order with another table and they have the type you ordered. I told her I didn't like these ones, and she went on saying how they are really good and did not offer to get our order!! She then walked away and we were like what the hell???? Is she going to place our correct order? So we finished our beer, and I think she clued in we weren't eating the wrong wings - so she came back and asked, Would you like these to go?? I'm thinking HUH! No I wan't my correct order and a discount for the screw up that is taking forever to fix. So she came back to our table, but not with our wings, but with our bill as we didn't order more drinks so she figured we were done. We look at the bill, and sure enough no discount for the wings, a full priced bill. We were so frusterated by that point, and usually I never complain!!! I figured it wouldn't do anything at this point as she obviously wasn't taking the hint, so we left no tip at all, and left giving our wings we didn't eat or like to a homeless person on the street. Hopefully they liked them.

So now that I am done about my horrible experiences! On top - they don't have their own washroom, so you have to use the hotel's next door.

We went back to Wings last monday, as we were wanting a quick bite before going to the Yale and a picther of beer. Surprisingly, (as I didn't have high hopes) we actually had a good experience. Our waitress Christine was great with letting me know about the new types of wings, and which dipping sauces complimented which wings. Our order came, and it was correct and arrived pretty fast. I noticed most of the wings, except for the Jerk pretty much look alike, although you could tell them apart by taste. We ordered the Jammin Jerk, Louisiana Sweet, Buffalo and Maui Lime with the Wowza dipping sauce. At least we had a pleasant experience for once!!

Below are some pictures of the wings from our last trip.


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