Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fritz - Poutine on Davie

I had heard great things about Fritz, so I figuured it was about time I checked it out. Fritz is on Davie, and open til 4am on friday and saturday where a good chunk of my friends go to eat after a night of partying downtown. When we got to Fritz for a later saturday lunch, we were the only ones inside. It's actually a take out place with no tables to eat at, which I figure is due to not wanting late night drunk drama inside. Charles and I decided to both order a large poutine as we were craving a good amount of grease for lunch. Everything was made fresh, and took about 5 minutes to cook. After sprinkling our poutines with black pepper, we went outside and sat on a bench on granville to eat. What I loved about the poutines is that they are layered. Fries, curds, gravy - then repeated. The cheese curds also stuck to the fries which was a plus. Only thing I didn't like was that some of the fries were overcooked, but overall a pretty good poutine. I found out there gravy has gluten, but celaics can substitute for itallian sauce instead of gravy, and that most of the dips are gluten free.

Check out the pictures below from my first Fritz experience.

Fritz Menu

Dip Options Available for $1 each. Curious how the parmasean peppercorn, indonesian peanut sauce and mango curry chutney would taste.

Large Poutine from Fritz, with black pepper.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mr. Kumpir - Turkish Baked Potatos

After walking the seawall for mothers day with my mom, we were building up an appetite, and she suggested we check out her new favorite baked potato spot Mr. Kumpir. This place is actually a chain with 7 locations world wide, but there aren't any other locations i'm aware of that are local. Mr. Kumpir is a turkish baked potato spot, where you can order from about 10 potato creations for under $6.00 or build your own starting at just under $4.00. They also allow you to substitute ingredients if you order one of the fixed potatos, which can be cheaper if you want a lot of items on yours. They have about 40 ingredients to choose from, but first they ask you if you want butter and cheese in your potato - then they take it out of the skin, whip it together and put it back in the shell. Then they add the toppings, and top it with the sauce of your choice. This place was pretty great, especially if you are a big fan of baked potatos. They were quite huge and I could barely finish mine for lunch.
Check out my pictures below from my first visit at Mr. Kupir

A few images of some of their ingredients they offer, everything from Shrimp, Imitation Crab, to Hummus, Lentils & Chick Peas

I had the Chicken option for 5.95$ - came with chicken, corn, roasted red peppers, sauteed mushrooms, and I substituted the green olives it would have come with for jalepenos, topped with hot sauce. As you can see it really is HUGE! It's like they made a rice bowl, but used a baked potato instead of rice.

My mother who introduced me to this place had her favorite, the Canadian for 5.95$ It had ham, bacon, corn topped with sour cream.