Monday, July 19, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 11

Day 11 of 30 and off to Gibsons I go!  I always love going to Gibsons because it means I get to visit my awesome grandparents!!  I was actually off to Gibsons on Day 1 of my challenge, when my brother was in town visiting.. and today was an extra special trip as it was my grandmas 78th birthday, and also my grandparents 55th anniversary!!

I headed off to Gibsons, and I got to see my aunt, uncle and cousin, as well as my grandmas sister and her husband, and 2 of their kids and spouse..  A lot of my family lives in Gibsons, so it's always great when I get to visit them - it's like a small family reunion!  Also it's one of the only places I know where you can live right on the beach in a beautiful 3 bedroom house for only 500,000!  You can't do that in Vancouver for sure.

So today I remixed my Almost Famous skinnies, which I am still rolling up as it's too warm for pants - and I also remixed my Tommy Hilfiger animal print heels.  I also selected from my 30 an Argona animal print top from Winners, and my accessories are a fedora from Winners, Betsey Johnson glasses, some random bracelets from Ardene, and a BCBG purse.  This BCBG purse was actually my best boxing day find from 2009, where yesterday I had my Polo glasses that were my 2008 deal.  I forget the retail price, but it only cost me $7.80!  Well with a $25 gift card, but still only $7.80 from my own pocket for a BCBG patent leather boho bag.

I had to take off my fedora on the ferry as it was crazy windy and my hair was flying all over the place.
I also included a pictuire of my Grandpa and his 2 new best friends - Enzo and Angus, & my Grandma getting her birthday cake!  Isn't she so cute!!!

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