Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 13

Day 13 had come and I was going through my unworn items, and I realized I had accidentally selected 32 items compared to 30!  I had so many items I hadn't even worn yet, so I removed 2 items right away.  I also decided that I would swap 5 unworn items for 5 new, as when I originally selected my 30 I didn't think it would be this warm.  Since there really is no rule that you can't swap, and I figured as long as I haven't worn them, that I could get away with it!  You can find the 2 items I removed to make 30, and also the 5 I swaped out for 5 new ones here!

So onto Day 13!  Now that I added a few new items I decided to break into a floral skirt from H&M.  I had originally only selected 2 skirts, so I was really glad I had a new one I could remix!  I love this skirt, and I actually got it on clearance for only 7$ I think.  H&M is great about cheap clearance items for sure.  I had also been wanting to remix my Michael Kors shirt that I wore on Day 1 of this challenge, so I opted to remix it with my H&M skirt.  I'm also wearing my white Tommy Hilfiger slip on heels.

I kept this look simple with accessories, so I added 2 diamond bracelets from my Grandma, and a small flower hair clip from Ardene.

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