Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 14

Day 14 for 30 and 1 more push until I'm at the halfway mark!  This post will also include my trip to the Cheshire Cheese at Lonsdale Quay.  I actually had quite a few errands to run around downtown Vancouver throughout the day, & ended up meeting my mom after she got off work at 3pm for some tanning down at Waterfront Park (where the Carribean festival happens) before we headed over to the Cheshire Cheese for an early dinner.  I loved going to tan at the park as there were only 2 other people tanning there!  Usually I'll go tan by my pool or Jericho beach, so this was a great new spot to find!

We headed over to the Cheshire Cheese around 4pm and opted to sit on their patio.  My mom had a strongbow and I had a cesaer extra spicey.  We had an entertainment 2 for 1 coupon to use, and my mom ordered the Black Tiger Prawns - pan fried in butter, garlic and white wine with basmati rice and seasonal veggies for $16.95.  It looked really good but for some reason the veggies made me think of something that was steamed from a frozen bag?  I don't know but usually the look more fresher, or have some sort of char to them.

I ordered the Mediterranean Seafood Cioppino - tiger prawns, scallops, cod, & mussels simmered in white wine, tomatoes & peppers, served with baquette also $16.95.  This was pretty good as I was wanting something healthy.  I think the mussels didn't really absorb the flavor, and the scallops were slightly overcooked, but the prawns and cod were cooked perfect.  The bell peppers were a great addition.  I didn't take a picture of the baquette, but it was 4 slices of white baquette that was quite fresh and moist.  I didn't really care for the bread to much as I wasn't feeling like carbs, but overall I would get this dish again.

I then headed back over to Burnaby to meet up with the paroz.  I was excited to wear one of the newer items I had added to my 30, and I chose a pair of white capri pants from Garage.  I also remixed my Antistar tee and BCBG hoodie from Winners, followed with a pair of bubblegum Pro-Ked sneakers.  For my accessories I wore my Neon Punk sunglasses & a necklace from Ardene, and I also carried my Goats on the Roof Canvas tote I bought when I was visiting Tofino last fall.  I love Goats on the Roof!  If you are travelling to Tofino, make sure you stop by there to pick up groceries or grab a bite to eat and admire the Goats that live on the roof!

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