Friday, July 23, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 15

Day 15 and I made the halfway mark!!!  I can't wait to start the final phase of this challenge!  Today we actually had free tickets to the Vancouver WhiteCaps vs Portland game at Swangard Stadium our friend Kevin gave us.  As our tickets were free, we were sitting in section F row 20 and had a pretty good view, but at half time we decided to go sit on the other side of the stadium which were right on the ground bleachers.  It was a great view, and we even had 2 of the Portland players performing a weird dance like workout right in front of us the whole time.  Vancouver got a red card early into the 2nd half, so we were a man down - and ended up losing 2-1, but it was still a fun game and I am totally buying tix when NY comes so I can see World Cup player Thiery Henry!!!

As far as my outfit went today I remixed my Almost Famous skinnies, Tommy Hilfiger flats & my Zinc blazer.  I also added my Ultra Pink graffiti dress from Winners, but I tucked it into my jeans to make a shirt for this look.  I have never worn this dress as a shirt before, and I actually liked the way the look came out.  I have this dress in another color also, so when this challenge is done I will try that one out also!  For my accessories I wore a heart and key necklace, a belt I have had since '99, and my Michael Antonio canvas tote.

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