Sunday, July 25, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 17

Day 17 of 30 and it's firework night!!!!  I've always been that hopeless romantic that loves walks on the beach, and fireworks at night.. so when the fireworks come around - that makes me want to walk along the beach, or seawall in this case before hand.  It was a beautiful day as it has been lately, and I started my walk along the seawall around 7, and figured I'd find a good spot around 2nd beach or so to catch the fireworks where it's a bit less crowded. 

For my stroll I remixed my Blu Heaven tee, Garage white capris and Impo floral heels.  I just wanted a more casual look today for my stroll, so I didn't accessorize too much.  I wore my Neon Punk glasses, a few bracelets from Ardene, a butterfly brooch from my granny, and a gifted necklace.

It was a perfect day to take pictures, and I ended up at an amazing spot to catch the fireworks with hardly any crowd and a great view.  I also included some pictures of the fireworks and seawall sunset.

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