Wednesday, July 28, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 19

Day 19 of 30 and it's even hotter!  So hot that I only have 1 picture with an item from my 30!  I know, I know.. but trust me I was wearing my teal Fred David tee, but it was just to hot at the beach.  For Day 19 I was in need of some quality time with my friend Basia, but she had allready made plans to go to Wreck Beach with her friend Emily.  I had never ever been to Wreck Beach before so I decided to join, and had no idea what to expect.  Would it be a bunch of nudists, would it get creepy, and I hope I dont see anyone I know naked were all going through my mind on the car drive over.  We got to the beach and had to walk a good amount of stairs downhill carrying our mini bbq.  As we started smelling the ocean, we could hear a bunch of bongo drums, so I was getting ready for some free spirits.

As we got to the beach I think about only 15% of the people were fully naked, and an additional 10% of ladies were topless.  We found an area by a log to set up our bbq and watch the sunset.  Basia's friend Emily seemed to know a lot of people there as she was a regular, and thankfully everyone that came over to say hi were not naked.  I dont think I would be able to shake hands with a random naked person, let alone hug a naked person I knew.  Another thing I realized, is that there are a lot of people that do mushrooms down there.  I would never touch that stuff, yet we had several people come up to us and ask us if we needed anything.  It creeped me out, as I realized it would take paramedics forever to get down there because of the stairwell if anything ever happened.  Just another reason to not do drugs.

So once we were waiting on our bbq chicken and soaking up the last of the sun, we took a few pictures.  I'm so glad swimwear is not included in 30 items!  I'm remixing my Sweet Vibes capri's and my bikini is by Body Glove.  I didn't want to really add accessories, as I am getting way too many tanlines and needed to smooth them out, so I only wore my Neon Punk sunglasses.

The sunset was amazing by the way, and everyone at the beach seemed to howl at the sunset which I have never experienced before.  On another note the one picture I have with my capris on, some random guy took it who obviously does not knwo how to take pictures... and also his friend managed to creep into the background.  UGH!  We never asked for a retake as we just wanted them gone..

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