Friday, July 16, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 9

Day of of 30 - Day 2 of week 2!  So aside from my shoes I wore, a pair of pink Tommy Hilfiger flats - I also remixed my Almost Famous skinnies, and I selected for the first time my B'Leev black top and a Zinc blazer.  I was really unsure if I shoudl wear a blazer today because it was all cloudy in the morning, but it was still really humid, so I decided on my Zinc one as it is a bit more breezy.  I thought about wearing it done up, but by the time I was out and about - travelling to coquitlam from burnaby, I realized I shouldn't have worn a blazer so left it undone.  At least I get points for trying to get in my warmer choices from my 30 before the 30 days are up!  I'm just wondering if I will manage to get them all in.

The accessories I added were a sequin belt I got in Vegas, a purse from Winners, bracelet from H&M and earings from Ardene. 

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