Friday, July 9, 2010

Gramma's Pub - Dining with my Gramma in Gibsons!

I was visiting my grandparents for the day in Gibsons while my brother was in town.  I can't believe they have lived in Gibsons for over 20 years now!  We went down to the wharf where we used to go fishing, and surprisingly you can't fish from there anymore!  This place has changed drastically over the years.  There hardly used to be anyone other than locals, and there are a lot of tourists now!  I remember going to Molly's Reach and watching old reruns of the BeachCombers, or going for soft serve ice cream after a day of fishing.  My grandma had always said once my brother comes of age that we would have to make a visit to Gramma's Pub, and although he is going on 23 now, we finally visited!

We actually went on a night where they were offering free tastings of prospect items to include in their new menu, but my grandma and my brother don't eat seafood so it just ment more for me!  It was the first time my grandma had dined out in a while, as my grandpa isn't doing so well these days, so normally they just eat in.  We sat on the patio and my grandma sure wasn't used to a noisy atmosphere, something everyone who lives in Vancouver is used to.  Only thing I'd have to say that went wrong was they got my order wrong - gave me souvlaki when I was ordering quedadilla's, but I was so full from all the free appetizers I couldnt eat my main anyways!  I'd have to say the highlight was that my grandma had never tried yam fries before, and I love how excited she got over them!

Check out pictures below of the food from Gramma's Pub and also some pictures along the wharf including some fun signs!

Tuna Wontons - Complimentary Dish - Tataki style local albacore tuna, crisp wontons, house slaw, sprout salad, sesame chili cilantro dipping sauce.  I love tuna tataki and have never had it in a wonton before!  This was pretty fantastic and the presentation was beautiful!

Close up of a Tuna Wonton

Yam Frites w/ chipotle aioli - 5.75.  We ordered this dish as my grandma had never tried yam fries and we thought she would love it.  Sure enough she did!  We actually didn't finish this so she got to get the remainder to go and bring home for my grandma.  Glad my grandma found a new food she loves!  The fries were actually really tasty!

1 lb Clam Steamer with White Wine & Garlic Bread 10.25.  My Dad ordered this dish, and I was actually leaning towards ordering it but with the Coconut Curry Sauce, but it was such a hot day I was thinking I might not want a hot dish.  I got to try a clam and it was great.

Pan Seared Little Qualicum Scallops - another complimentary dish - Pan seared local qualicum bay scallops, watermelon mint salad, argula pesto.  So much for being little, these things were huge!  They were seared perfectly, and I loved the pesto.  The watermelon mint salad was also a great cleansing dish!

Free Range Chicken Souvlaki 13.75 - Roasemary Potatoes, Pita, Tzatziki and Greek Salad.  I actually didn't order this dish and ordered their quesadilla, but as we were sort of in a rush for our ferry, I figured I would just take this entree as the service was a bit slow due to the free tastings that night.  I was actually so full from all the appetizers I barely touched this and ended up getting it to go.  The salad was great, but I found the chicken a little overcooked.

Salsbury Steak - 9.95.  My grandma ordered this dish as she is a huge salsbury steak fan, although she wasn't too fond of this one.  As I have never had salsbury steak in my life, as I don't eat beef, I can't really compare.  She told me that Salsbury Steak is supposed to be sirloin and that this one wasn't ground the way salsbury steak is supposed to be.  She also wasn't a fan of the gravy either, so she ended up filling up on her new favorite yam fries and my greek salad.

The Shipwreck Burger 13.25 - Homemade patty, bacon, cheddar, pickle and tomato w/ yam fries.  My brother ordered this dish, and opted for the yam fries.  The bacon looked a bit undercooked but my brother actually likes it that way.

Red Thai Curry poached local mussels - complimentary, local island mussels poached in a Red Thai curry coconut milk sauce, lemon grass, ginger, roasted red peppers, and sprout salad.  I was actually really happy these came as I was originally thinking of getting the coconut curry clam steamer.  Mussels are always a hit or miss with me, but these were super fantastic!  They went down so smooth and the sauce was really amazing!  These actually came at the very end, and even though I was so full, these were so good I managed to eat them all!

View of the wharf and boats where we used to fish when I was a child.

One of the house boats in the marina.

You know you are in a small town when you see signs like these!

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