Friday, July 16, 2010

Trading Season begins in the NBA

Ok so I realized it's about due time I have a basketball post on here.. I mean I think out of every woman I know, no one is as knowledgeable as I am about the NBA or NCAA basketball like me.. and I have been meaning to start blogging about basketball.. so before the season starts up, I figured I'd get this rolling...

To start it off I would like to congratulate my NCAA team Duke, on their championship, and Boston Celtics for making it to the NBA finals.  They didn't win, but at the same time they didn't have their full starting line-up playing.. so I think they did great for what they were given.. aside from a really bad night from Ray Allen...

Anyways onto the 10/11 season.  Everyone knows I can't stand the Toronto Raptors and it really annoys me with how many people in Vancouver cheer for them.  I don't watch hockey, but I'm sure all these vancouverites don't cheer for the Maple Leafs, and I'm sure the BC Lions fans don't cheer for the Toronto football team... so why do they have to cheer for the Raptors just becuase they are canadian.  If Vancouver happens to get another NBA team, are they still going to be patriotic to Toronto - doubt it... and Toronto is no where close to Vancouver.. I think I would understand more if they were cheering for Portland due to proximity.

Well the trading season has begun and let me say I am one of the few that is really rejoicing over the fact that both Chris Bosh and LeBron James got traded!  YAYYYYYYYYYYY!  It would make me so happy to see Toronto suck even more, and I literally can't stand Mike Brown, and if LeBron James is to get a ring, I'm glad it won't be with Mike Brown.  I really don't care about the Miami Heat.. Orlando is my Florida team - Hey Dwight! - but I am just so glad this trading season is starting off on a positive note!  Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Rasheed & Garnett will still be on the same team.

I'm also wondering if Finley is still going to be around.. I think he is the oldest man on the court these days.. and he got some rings.. so time for him to step down!

For all the rookie's coming in, I'm excited to see DaMarcus Cousins play the most.  Stephen Curry was my fav Rookie last season, and I think he's going to do big things like Rondo did quickly.. and I can't wait to watch Cousins get into foul trouble.

On a final note.. I just read Penny Hardaway is wanting to come back to the NBA and join the heat.. ahaha.. he should resign with Orlando if he goes back & give Florida fans some rivalry.. but I think he's way too old.. thats like having Sam Mitchell come back and play.

Who are you guys looking forward to watching, and are you glad with the Bosh/James trade?


  1. To answer your question, yes I would still cheer for the Raptors. When Vancouver had the Grizz, I pulled for both teams because I knew it would be a long time before either would be competitive. I am a huge hockey fan, and if the leafs made the finals, I would route for them as I do all Canadian teams in the playoffs. No, Bosh/James trade sucks and I hope the whole situation blows up in the Heats face. I'm thinking Orlando , Boston, and L.A are all better squads then Miami still anyways. I enjoyed you write up, it was good reading!

  2. Hey anonymous..

    If the situation blows up in Miami's face - they are going to blame Bosh. The man is so key, yet I'm sure he won't get the appreciation everyone seems to be giving James. It's like when they brought Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to the Celtics... and the OG Pierce got a team... now Wade's got a team.

    I still think Miami won't have a chance.. they don't have the chemistry and the history the Celtics have.

    At least James finally realized he's not Jordan and retired #23