Tuesday, August 3, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 25

Day 25 of 30 and I can't believe I only have 5 days left.  Surprisingly it really isn't that difficult to pick out an outfit, and I really thought it would be on the last few days of the challenge! 
I ended up remixing my Tommy Hilfiger pink flats, Zinc plaid blazer, B'Leev black top, a skirt from H&M and I accessorized with a Buffalo belt, Apple Bottoms purse, bracelet from H&M, necklace and earings from Ardene, and a small butterfly broch from my Granny.
I think I'm going to get my hair done shortly after this challenge.  I haven't done anything with it in a while, and I don't too much with it in the summer as I am in the ocean and pool way to much... I actually had a bad experience about 10 years ago when I was lifeguarding and my hair got a green tint after a dye-gone-bad-meets-over-chlorinated-pool sorta thing.  It lasted for like a month even after several attempts at fixing it...

I notice a bunch of people are doing those 8 questions on their blog!  I love surveys, so I will try to do it on my next post!

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