Tuesday, August 3, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 26

Day 26 of 30!  26 down and 4 to go.. On a few of the 30 for 30 blogs that I have been following, they have been doing some random Q&A.. answering questions and coming up with new ones..

I really have no idea how many people read this blog daily, but it's always nice when I get feedback through the comment section, or via twitter.  I've always been a sucker for those email Q&A surveys, as long as they aren't too long... so I thought I'd take a moment to answer the questions I have seen posted on some fellow blogs.

Alicia from Back on the Block asked the following 8...

1)  Favorite type of food?... I'd have to say Thai.  Anything with hot spice, fresh & flavorful fruits & veggies with an abundance of seafood is great for me.

2) If you were trapped on a dessert island, which 3 cds would you have with you?... Toots & the Maytals, Fleetwood Mac, Tupac.... this list would probably change on a daily basis, as I love music way to much to just pick 3!

3) Vintage or Brand New?  I love the best of both!  I love vintage if it has been taken care of, like my vinyl record collection, and I love the majority vintage jewellery my grandma has, and I especially love traditional vintage oil paintings.  I think if you have the eye and talent to combine the both it's a perfect fit!

4) Favourite piece in wardrobe right now and why?  Probably my Michael Kors satin blue top or my Ellie Tahari floral dress.  I love them because I purchased them at an amazing price, and whenever I purchase something really expensive for cheap it usually becomes a favorite.

5) If you had a choice to live anywhere for free in the world for a year where would you go?  If I could pick several locations I would want to visit my motherland Denmark, and go everywhere from my grandpas small village Farso, to LegoLand in Jutland.  I'd then love to visit Norway and visit the Viking Ship Graveyard.. visit St.Tropez in France, visit Greece and the ancient buildings, and make my way to Kenya.  I'd probably want to end up in Seychelles to spend my final days enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

6) Coffee or Tea?  Tea!  I doubt hardly any of you, (except my Kenyan friends & family) have tried authentic Finleys tea!  OMG this stuff is amazing!  I never knew I loved tea so much until I had it prepared the authentic way.  On another note, my morning drink is peppermint herbal tea with a splash of honey.  I also love pom & blueberry green tea.

7) How do you express your creativity?  Probably the biggest is how I cook.  I am an amazing self taught cooker, and I love to try new things... which lead to awesome dinner parties, with cute outfits, great food and drinks, an amazing playlist I put together topped off with the best friends, and fun pictures :)  I guess all those are factors to my creativity!

8) How would you describe your personal style?  Casual-chic.  I love jeans, and I love fun dresses.  I love almost all hues of blue, and almost anything sparkly.

Miss Melissa also asked 8 questions to her followers

1) Do you have a favorite or lucky number?  Why is it significant?  Yes!!  I've had lucky number #22 since grade 6.  That was my basketball number since I have always played, except for grade 9 when I switched it to 17 as I had a huge crush on Rick Fox.  Then I realized what a douche Rick Fox was for cheating on Vanessa Williams, and went back to #22.

2) The worlds best Chef is cooking you one meal.  What would you want to eat?  I think I would want to feel like how the Iron Chef judges feel... see it being cooked, but have no say in what it is - as long as it's good, and doesn't contain any of the food items I don't eat!

3) Did you have a favorite toy growing up?  I'd have to say I took my Danish Care Bear with me everywhere.. but I also was really into crafts and boardgames.  I used to love playing Jewels in the Attic!

4) What song do you hate having stuck in your head?  Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy... as once it's there it will stay there until I listen to it!

5) What's your favorite ice cream topping?  Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries... sooo delish!

6) If you could meet any blogger who would it be?  Joe Zee from Elle

7) Summer of Fall fashion?  For me personally I'd say summer, as it's so much fun!  So much easier to plan a fun outfit then planning one you can wear in the icky snow and rain... but coming from a buyers prospective.. fall tradeshow/fashion shows are so much more exciting!

8) Tag or Hide & Seek?  Hide & Seek hands down.  We played it as kids all the time growing up at my grandparents, and I think I hid once for 4 hours off & on while I watched my brother and cousin try to find me and my grandpa helped hide me :)

Now that those are out of the way I am supposed to ask 8 questions and you can post your answers on my comment section, or on your blog!

1) What free activity do you do in your city?
2) How has your style changed since highschool - or has it remained the same?
3) What inspired you to start blogging?
4) Favorite places to shop?
5) Best Vacation you have ever had?
6) Do you still listen to the same music you did in High School?
7) If you could be in any TV show audience, which one would you be on?
8) Would you ever be on a Real World/Bachelor/Flavor Flav type of show - why or whynot?

Hope to see some of your answers!!

Now, onto my Day 26!  Today I headed over to North Van to meet my mom for a quick lunch.  We found a fun spot to sit, and shortly after we had 3 local seals come visit.  There were 2 adults and a baby, and it was so amazing to see the pup and momma seal barking at each other.  I think the pup was just learning how to fish, as it would take off and the mom would follow and then they would talk about what ever they were doing.  My mom also brought a bunch of salad ingredients, so we made salads and suntanned before she had to get back to work.

Today I wore my Almost Famous skinnies, Blue Heaven tee & pink Tommy Hilfiger flats.  I accessorized with an Apple Bottoms purse, RocaWear sunglasses, Dove necklace, a Scarf from Winners, Butterfly Brooch from my Granny and random earings and bracelets from Ardene.

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  1. YAY so glad you filled out the questions :) Charles is from Kenya? I LOVE Kenya, always wanted to go! My boyfriend was supposed to go with his mom a few years ago, but then all that conflict broke out and it "wasn't safe" and their flight was cancelled. Great reading your answers, and totally agree that Fleetwood Mac is classic! Day 26 looked very chic, I really like the colours of your scarf xo