Thursday, August 5, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 28

3 more days left of my 30 for 30 challenge!  I just recently started following a few more fashion blogs - Africana Wardrobe Diary & Dressed Up Like a Lady.  I don't know how often they update their blog, but I love their fashion style and look forward to seeing if they have any challenges for when I'm done my 30 for 30 - which Back on The Block & Miss Melissa just completed also.  I only have 2 outfits left in my 30 after this post and then I can start wearing other items in my closet again, and most importantly other shoes!  I'm actually thinking if I should start a new fashion challenge.  I have about 70ish pairs of shoes in my closet, and I probably only wear about 30 of them regularly.. so I was thinking I may start one where I have to wear a different pair each day, with no repeats until I have worn them all...

I would take a picture of all my shoes at the start, and the only rule would be to wear them all with no remixing shoes until they have all been worn.  If anyone else wants to do this challenge let me know!  Even if you only have a few pairs of shoes.  I always seem to buy shoes, so I'll also add a rule of no buying any shoes until all of the shoes in your closet have been worn.  I also can't believe how when I started this blog back in february I thought it would only be about dining out in Vancouver.. and now it has just as many fashion posts.

Today I remixed my Fred David tee, H&M floral skirt and Tommy Hilfiger white slip on heels.  I accessorized with a pair of RocaWear sunglasses, Buffalo belt, earings & necklace from Ardene and a butterfly brooch & ring from my Granny.  I just realized I have worn 3 butterfly broochs this challenge.  I'm really not a butterfly junkie, I just think my Granny keeps forgetting that bottlenosed dolphins are my thing.  Once she thought I was completely into cats and I kept getting jewellery with cats.. and now it's butterflies.  Today was another humid day.. so the only makeup I wore was my MAC Venetian Lustreglass.

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