Thursday, August 26, 2010

What About Daddy Cool

I don't know about you, but one of the first things I do as I'm rolling out of bed at 530am is turn on the weather network.  Now I'm starting to see September dates in the 7 day forecast so that means one thing.  Fall is almost here!  As much as I'm sad to see summer go, I still love fall.  I know I may be rushing into fall a bit early as it's still August, but I decided I should start my layering.  Today I decided to layer my Puli dress shirt with a La Classe Couture blazer.  I also added on my blinging Baby Phat belt. 

For day 12 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore a pair of suede Keds Wedges.  These shoes are so comfy!  They are also meant for people with narrow feet which is great for me.  I have size 10 feet, but my feet are really narrow.  I find the majority of size 10 shoes are meant for people with normal/wide feet.  It's always great to find shoes with the perfect fit!

I started my day with some Finleys tea.  Normally we make it from scratch in the French Press, but we have quite a few teabags so I figured it's about time I started using them.  These teabags cannot be found anywhere in BC.  I know they cannot be found in Dallas either as Mike just brought a suitcase of tea back for his parents.

So because finding a job is so difficult, and it's coming up to a year and a half I haven't worked I'm thinking of going back to school.  Only problem is I can't decided if I should take marketing and compete with a huge majority to go in the field I desire - or if I should take the easy way out and take payroll.  Ahh the difficult choices.

Boney M - Daddy Cool

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