Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got to talk about the things I live

I love saying Gibsons Bound and I've got to do it 3 times in the past 6 weeks!  My grandparents moved to Gibsons 20 years ago, so I spent many days growing up on the sunshine coast!  The day was looking a bit gloomy, but I knew I'd be at the beach so for day 3 of the shoe challenge I opted for my Keds Blue Elephant mary janes.  I wore my Parasuco jacket, my BCBG patent leather purse, London Times floral dress & a Buffalo belt.  We had some time to wait so all I needed was a strong coffee while waiting for the ferry.

When we were driving to my Grandparents we actually stopped and waited for a deer to cross the freeway.  We saw it running down the side of the road & kept looking to see if the ferry traffic had cleared so it could cross.  We stopped and let it pass, it was just a young buck.

We also stopped at Davis Bay in Sechelt later in the day.  Bryan & I have spent the majority of every summer in the past 20 years at this beach.  These are 2 pictures of us from about 15-18 years ago when it wasn't so well known.  We used to love playing in the tide and digging for clams!

I love how Rosehips grow wild everywhere!  I love eating their skins.

We heard there was a grey whale in the area that had been spotted 3 times in the area the past week.  It was out in the water that day and there was a kayaker tracking it.  We also got to see an otter come out to feed.

We misstimed our ferry, so we ended up going to Lower Gibsons Marina to kill some time.  We ran into 2 of my relatives and they told us we should take a picture with this bear.  Apparently all the tourists take pictures with it.  My grandpa has just given me his brown suede fedora he had when he courted my grandma back in 1950.  A new vintage hat for my collection!  I figured I'd pull off the smokey the bear look and held his hand to join the fight against forest fires.  We ended up catching the last ferry and saw the sun go down.

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  1. I had so much fun at Gibsons. Thanx babe for sharing your childhood memories with me.