Monday, August 23, 2010

This Is How We Roll On The Weekend

So my cousin Mike was visiting Vancouver for the first time this past weekend.  I didn't take too many pictures on my camera as I was his official tour guide.  Here are some of the pictures I did manage to take!  Once I go through the hundreds of pictures he took I will probably do another post with my favorites.

I realized that I didnt take too many outfit/shoe pictures this weekend as my mind was elsewhere.. but I promise to resume the shoe pictures soon.  In the meantime.. this was my weekend.

Friday started off with me taking Mike and my inlaws up to the SFU lookout.  I go up there to watch the sunset and go for picnics when the weather is nice. 

After we walked around the lookout, we took a quick drive through the residency so Mike could compare them to the Northern Texas University.  When we were done at SFU we headed over to Tim Hortons so Mike could try his first canadian coffee.  He ordered a small mocha.  Mike was so shocked with the size!  He said even a large is not even a small in Dallas.  He loved the taste of his first canadian coffee, but said he would need a lot more to wake him up!

After that we said good bye to the parents for the day and headed downtown for some shopping, sightseeing and lunch.  We took the skytrain downtown and got off at Granville.  Our first stop was at the Bay so Mike could pick up some authentic souvenirs.  After that we headed over to Winners for some gear.  When we were done at Winners we strolled down Granville admiring the local street performers.  We stopped at one of my favorites, the Rock Shop for some more shopping, and took some pictures along Granville, including the BC Hall Of Fame Star of my favorite canadian musician - Bryan Adams.

After our stroll we were getting a bit hungry so I figured Mike should try his first poutine.  When his sisters visited last summer, their first and only poutine was from BK.  When I found out that, I knew I had to make sure Mike actually got to taste an authentic one, and not a crappy fast food one!  We went to Fritz to get our poutines, and Mike ordered a small as he wasn't sure if he would like it.  The lady behind the counter was telling him there is no way he wouldn't like it.  Sure enough he loved it and wanted to go back before he left Vancouver!

After eating our poutines we started to walk off some of the calories so we headed over the Granville bridge.  It was a beautiful day and Mike got to see False Creek and Granville Island.  He was also excited to see that we have Prius cabbies.  Once we walked the bridge we headed over to Relish and then head back to the area to get ready for our evening.

After a fun friday day, we were ready for an amazing friday night!  After ordering some chinese food for dinner, we decided on heading down to commercial drive to check out what was going on.  We ended up going to Timbre as they had a prime patio spot and the music was bumping.

Saturday started with a stroll around Burnaby Mountain golfcourse & Squint Lake.  Mike & I decided to take the Seabus over to Lonsdale and have lunch over at the Quay.  First we stopped at Commercial so he could try another canadian coffee, Ethos.  Mike was happy to see that his small (12oz) iced latte was larger than Timmy's!  We grabbed our coffee and headed over to the Quay where they had live salsa music and an XBox festival going on.  We decided we would sit outside on a patio and have some sushi.  I forget the name of the sushi place we went to, but it was right outside the Quay facing the water fountain.  It was the first time I had been to this restaurant also.  We weren't too hungry, so we shared the Spicy Tuna ($7) & Smoked Salmon ($6) rolls and a side of Edamame ($4.5).  The rolls and edamame were really good, but a little more pricey then what I usually pay for sushi for the size of the portion we recieved..

After our sushi we headed over to Waterfront to go check out the Olympic Cauldron.  We then walked over to gastown to check out some of the older buildings.  After visiting gastown we headed over to Main Street to check out the Olympic Village area.  After a day of being tourists, we headed over to the paros for a family packed evening filled with awesome kenyan food :).

David Hollister - The Weekend

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  1. I love it when friends or family from out of town visit and you get to play tourist! You never think to do some of these activities on an average day - well except for Fritz. Who doesn't love that place?

    Rachael Krystina at latent/blatant