Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gonna find you and make you want me

It's Saturday, it's saturday, it's saturday, it's saturday.  Maybe 2 years back I went to a De La Soul concert on a summer friday night.  Everyone was feeling nice and even Flava Flav came out to chill.  The concert was going and then some random dude got asked what day is was by De La and dude says it's Friday.  By then midnight had past and band was bumpin the joint Saturday, but fool had no idea.  It's times like that you realize people in the front row don't even know the band.  De La was shocked and must have felt like beating a mofo, as Saturday started playing.  The crowd started shouting saturday, it's saturday, it's saturday.. and De La let the insulted fan go.  Since then everyone needs to know when it's saturday.

Today I decided on a new adventure.  Checking out Lighthouse Park in West Van.  This was a pretty awesome park, almost like one of those hidden gems in Vancouver.  It's a good hike, like your typical 15 random beach walking minutes through a rough trail - but totally worth it.  Since it was a beach day I decided to test out for day 15 of 45 Days, 45 Shoes my blue and yellow Saucony runners.  I had never worn these runners before so I was hoping they would work out.  I also wore a Zoo York hoodie to defend the beach wind, and a Lady Enyce tee.

We checked out a whole bunch of trails along the way to several different beaches around Lighthouse Park.  This is one of those amazing free daytime activies to do in Vancouver :)
A random tree that was bigger than me

Me along the way to Lighthouse Park East

View towards Lions Gate Bridge

Vancouver from Lighthouse Park East

My Shoes for Day 15 took a photo op - 1/3 of the way there!

We also watched the seagull eating rock.

Our lunch picnic - Bananas, Nuggets & homemade Spicy BBQ & Hot Sauce

Boats went by as we had our lunch

Time to head over to Lighthouse Park West

Lighthouse central

Lighthouse West Park

Lauryn Hill - Ready or Not ft Wyclef

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