Monday, August 9, 2010

I am doing what I have to do

Welcome to the start of my new fashion challenge!  I had mentioned a few posts ago that I was thinking of challenging myself, as well as anyone else to start using more shoes in their closet!  I decided to jump on this challenge and start today.  I have a total of 66 pairs of shoes, which I think is a pretty good amount for a 26 year old to have in their closet. 
I realized that I normally wear the same 10-15 pairs of shoes usually each month, so the point of this challenge is for me to get more use out of my other shoes before I start buying more.  I'm not sure If I will end up wearing all 66 pairs - but for the next 45 days I'm going to aim to wear a different pair of shoes each day with no repeats.

Today is a rainy & gloomy monday and my hair was really starting to annoy me.  I needed it colored and styled, so I was off to get it done.  Tomorrow you will see my new and improved locks :)  Day 1 and I selected a pair of green Keds wedges.  You will notice throughout this challenge I will be wearing a lot of Keds, Tommy Hilfiger & Saucony shoes.  I had the most amazing staff discount when I worked for Stride Rite, which allowed me to purchase lots of shoes!

  This is also the first photographed outfit I am wearing since my 30 for 30 challenge has ended!!  Hello new wardrobe!  Today I wore an Ultrapink graffiti dress, Dish jeans & a Parasuco jacket.  The dress I made into a shirt, & I added a bag from Kenya, necklace made from a friend and random pins of Jimi Hendrix, ACDC, & Guns N Roses. 

Don Carlos - Never Run Away

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