Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's just keep on dancing

Woot Woot Friday's here!  Well since I'm not working almost everyday is friday, but I still feel the urge to celebrate fridays.  My blog has been named, the weather is nice and Joan Jett is in town.  Not a bad friday!  I also decided that all of my posts from now on will be named after lyrics.  I changed all of the posts I have previously done in my 45 Days 45 Shoes tag also. 

It was raining this morning so I figured for day 14 of 45 Days, 45 Shoes I'd select something appropriate for a slightly wet ground.  I opted for my hightop sequined Keds shoes.  This is the first time I have ever worn these shoes.  They have such great versatility with the fact that they have sequins!  I can't wait to get more use of these shoes after the challenge.  I also wore a pair of Sarah Johnson leggings, Foxy Jeans caisole, Eye Candy tee, Buffalo belt and RocaWear glasses.

These pants I harsh tore up last december.  I had a horrible skid on a blackice spot on the pavement and my knees tore through.  It was so sad and painful!  I took it like a trooper though and got myself together to still go out shopping.  After I bought 2 winter jackets I felt better.  The knees on the pants are a bit roughed up with my stiching, but I still love them :).

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