Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Movie Moment

Is anyone else looking forward to the new action movie with Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Stratham, Crews, etc?  Actually that's not why I started this post, it just so happened to pop up on commercial right now.  I am totally wanting to see it though!  I think that would be better than seeing a 3D dance movie.

Charles and I just watched Hot American Summer on tv which we have never seen before.  The movie makes fun of 80's and 70's movies, and it was made in 2001.  I have no idea what movies they were trying to spoof, but it was pretty funny.  It made me think of some of my favorite 80's movies.  I am having such a hard time finding some of my favorite 80's fantasy movies I grew up watching!

I had a pending order at HMV on Robson for Beastmaster for 6 months before they realized it's not made on dvd anymore.  I was so sad to hear how hard it is to find it!  I still haven't been able to get it.  It's been so long since I have seen it.. I remember they had 2 ferrets in the movie which made me really want to own one, especially the one that saved the hero at the end by sacrificing its own life to kill the bad guy!

I've also been wanting to own In Company of Wolves.  My memory of that movie is so vague, but I remember that it was completely different than the typical Red Riding Hood movies.

Charles and I have a huge dvd collection with well over 100 movies.  I always end up buying ones I really like, as I know one day I will be that mom or grandma pulling out my favorite movies over the years to show those who havent seen them.  Hopefully the dvd will last longer than my parents Beta!  I love stocking up on my classic ones from a long time ago but there are so many I would love to have in my collection!

What are your favorite movies you grew up watching?  Here are some of mine!

101 Dalmations
Babes in Toyland
Bedknobs & Broomsticks
the Chronicles of Narnia
the Company of Wolves
Fox & the Hound
Freaky Friday
Lady & the Tramp
the Land Before Time
the Last Unicorn
Milo & Otis
the Neverending Story
the Parent Trap
Return to Oz
the Sandlot
Sleeping Beauty
Swiss Family Robinson

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