Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've watched the summer evenings pass by

Sorry I have been MIA for almost a week!  My cousin inlaw Mike was in town and I had no time to blog as I was his official tour guide :).  I think being a tour guide is almost like event coordinating.  I got to show him as many cool things in 3 days that I could manage!  Now that I'm back to blogging, sadly to say I didnt take any pictures on tuesday, so I will skip to Wednesday.  Wednesday I went to North Van for a lunch date with my mom.  She was excited her hubby was coming to visit on friday and I couldn't wait to hear what she had planned!  I met her at her work before heading off to lunch.  For Day 9 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore a pair of green Saucony runners.  I love these shoes, and they are one of my favorite kicks to wear!  I probably wear these ones the most actually, usually for jogs and seawall strolls.  I also added a satin zip up I got in Vegas.

We headed off to The Cheshire Cheese for one of the worst services we have had there!  It took over 5 minutes for someone to come take our drink order and it wasn't even busy!  Once we ordered our drinks it took like 10 minutes to get them!!  Her excuse was she was busy making Mojitos for another table - which was a lie as we could see the bartender making them from where we were sitting.  I really couldn't decide what I wanted to eat.  It was a chilly day sort of and I was really wanting soup.  I was hoping their daily soup would be something exciting with veggies & spices but it was just plain chicken noodle :(.  I was then contemplating if I should get an avocado and shrimp sandwhich on rye, or the morrocan vegan stew.  Surprisingly I ended up just getting nachos.  My mom ordered the salmon dish.  We asked the waitress what type of chips were used for the nachos to see if they were gluten free.  She came back saying they were flour tortillas.  I asked her what kind of flour - as everyone who works in a kitchen should know there are many types of flour!!!!  A different waiter over heard and said that they are glutenfree - Que Pasa ones to be exact.  Then that waiter and our waitress got in a small debate over whether or not Celiacs could eat them.  Really???  Who argues in front of customers!  Well the other waiter was right, and I was wishing we had sat in one of his tables as our waitress was so horrible!

What also sucked was that several tables had come after us and even recieved their food before us!  Seriously how long does it take to make nachos and salmon.  We got our food 45 minutes from when we arrived, which is horrible time.  The other waiter even walked by us and was like you didn't get your food yet?  Then our waitress walked by and said to the other waiter - "Oh you didn't get their food yet, it's been ready".  I was like Oh MY!!!  Why would another waiter get our food for us when she is our waitress!  The Cheshire Cheese really isn't that amazing and there are so many awesome restaurants out there that cater to people on a 1 hour lunch break that need quick delish food, fast service and a bill before asking.

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  1. I love this look it's a little sporty but still really chic! Cute!