Friday, August 13, 2010

Watch as we do it again

It's so nice outside this friday!  I went out for a stroll to enjoy the sun and take some pics for day 5 of 45.  I ended up wearing my teal Saucony runners.  I wore a Trendyland shirt, Spacegirlz shorts and sunglasses from Bang-On. 
We ended up at Peking Restaurant which is our local dimsum place.  Dimsum starts at $2.50 and they have a whole lot of lunch special dishes for $5.50.  We ordered the shrimp dumplings for $2.50, the curry chicken with potatoes on rice $5.50, and the chicken & green beans with black bean sauce on rice for $5.50.  This place offers great lunch deals, and cheap dimsum.

Gangstarr - Skillz

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