Sunday, August 22, 2010

And This Bird You Cannot Change

Sealife watching really is this good!  I've been meaning on uploading these photos for awhile.  This was the first official whale watching trip I have been on before and it was amazing!  My mom brought me out for a belated bday gift with the Prince of Whales out of the Westin Bayshore in Coal Harbor.  We were out on the water for 4.5 hours tracking down the 12 Orca's near the Victoria/USA border.  Aside from 12 Orcas, I also saw 4 Dolphins, 3 Bald Eagles and many Seals and Sea Lions.

Before we headed out they gave us thermal outfits to wear that also has a built in lifejacket.  I figured since I was a lifeguard, and I have my open water scuba diver certificate, It should be optional.  I swear it was like wearing a suit they would give you on the moon.  The day was so hot, so my anticipation to get on the water and hit the seabreeze was even higher once I put on the suit.

I am an adrenaline junkie.  By adrenaline junkie I mean doing outdoor activities most people won't do.  I grabbed the front seat with my mom which they said would get the biggest bumps and waves.  We also were going around 60k an hour at max which really wasn't alot, but when we were going over wakes it sure was fun!

We took off through Coal Harbor.  I can even see my moms balcony from here!

There was also a seaplane taking off.

We got to see alot of the the typhoon damage from the crazy windstorm we had a few years back along the seawall in Stanley Park.  I had seen it before along the seawall, but not from the water.  This used to be packed with trees!

We passed a Vancouver Police boat.

I saw a beautful sailboat.

I found where I left my yacht.

We saw a Hoovercraft in motion.

We got to an Seal/ Sea Lion chilling area.  All of the tiny bumps sticking out of the water are seals.  I think there were about 15 of them in this area.

There were 2 Bald Eagles.  One was flying around, and the other was eating something huge.  By the pink colored flesh I am guessing it was either a Salmon or Baby Seal.

We also started to spot our whales!  There were 12 in total scattered all over the area.  We couldn't get too close as we didnt want to scare the pod and have them seperated.  There was one huge male orca, and 3 babies.  I learned that male orcas live 60-70 years, and females live about 10 years longer.  It was so beautiful to see these amazing creatures in the wild.  When I was younger I also wanted to be a Marine Biologist so I could train dolphins, but after watching the Cove I am glad I didn't.  Animals deserve to be free like humans.

My mom was happy to see some Orcas.

As was I.

We saw another Bald Eagle on the way back lounging in a tree.

We saw a different spot where Seals and Sea Lions were chilling.

After 4 hours on the water we were on our way back to Vancouver.

I saw a seaplane land just as we were arriving.

I also saw the local seal hanging out waiting for us.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

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