Monday, August 16, 2010

Those were the best days of my life

While my brother was in town recently we planned a last minute trip to Grouse for some mountain fun!  Mom, Bryan and I headed up to Grouse around 4:30 - which was just in time to make the last zipline round.  The zipline is a 2 hour event which consists of 5 zipline runs.  After the zipline we headed over to the Wind Turbine for a tour.  It was in the process of closing, but we had already purchased tickets so we managed to get a private tour.  After the Wind Turbine tour we headed over to the patio on Altitude Bistro to watch the sunset.

Me before taking off the first zipline run!  I was totally not dressed for the occasion.  I had just come from an interview, but thankfully I was able to rent hiking shoes from the zipline store as I was wearing suede dress shoes.  My mom also brought an extra windbreaker for me so I wouldn't get cold.

As we were waiting for our first zipline run there was a deer hanging out. 

Me practicing the break position before taking off on the 2nd run.

Bryan arriving after a run.

Bryan and my mom on one of the runs

Me and Bryan on one of the runs.

There were 3 wolves hanging out just at the start of going up Grouse Mountain.  I tried taking a picture of them on the way down after we left Grouse but my night vision wasn't the best.  You can still see one of the wolves on the left.

View coming down the chairlift.

The Wind Turbine.

View before taking off on one of the zipline runs.

Another deer we saw hanging out in Grouse.

View from inside the Wind Turbine.

Coming down from the chairlift you can see the 2 local grizzly bear siblings.

The 2 grizzly bears upclose.

One of the bears smiled for the camera.

Bryan, myself and my mom at the Altitude Bistro patio.  They provide red blankets to everyone so they don't get cold!

Sunset view from Altitude Bistro.

Bryan Adams - The Summer of 69

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