Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who do you think you are, we're livin in a small world

I cant believe that I have like 4 days left after this post!  Wowsa.  I also am shocked that the last 4 pairs are 2 blue stilettos, and 2 pink sneakers.. talk about selection!  For the 5th last day my pair happened to be blue.. For day 41 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger blue poka dot flip flops.  Love these as they give me some height to make me around 5'11 without any heal.  I'm already 5'9.  It was such a beautiful foggy sunrise this morning, I had to take a picture on my way to work.  The majority of Southern burnaby was sitting in a cloud of fog.  As I was coming down North Burnaby mountain it looked so amazing, but I never took a picture til I got to the border.  You can still see part of the sunrise and fog though!  This is a 5 min drive from my place, and my place is up the mountain, so imagine what I was looking down on!  On another note I totally went shopping today!  Got an amazing dress for girls night, and a bunch more stuff with my staff purchase!!!  Almost time for the weekend :)

Capleton - That day will come

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who will stand up for the people, musically

Im almost caught up, and there is only like 5 days left or something in the 45 Shoes 45 Days Challenge!  Yesterday, Day 40 of 45 Shoes 45 Days - I wore a pair of Nanette Lepore Keds hemp wedge heels with a bright pink flower detail and laces.  These are super comfy wedges!  I also have them in grey with bright pink and yellow, that I wore during this challenge.  I also wore a pair of Garage capris, Ecko shirt, and a Pink zipup hoodie.  It was day 2 of my cold... I always seem to catch whatever is going around.  Good thing for buckleys and tea :) 

For day 40, I ended up watching Tyler Perry's Why Did I get Married 2.. It was a toss up between that and Just Wright.  Not a bad movie, but not the usual fun comedy or action movie I'm used to.  Can't wait for my cold to be over, it's just not as fun taking pictures when you are sick.

Burning Spear - Identity

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In this oh sweet life, we're coming in from the cold

Ahoy Hoy readers.  K, I really hope I am caught up on my final days of 45 Shoes 45 Days soon!  It's over in less than a week!  On Monday, day 39 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger animal print open toed heels.  The weather was messed up and kept going from rain to sun.  When my photographer was snapping these photos it hapened to be during the rain - hence the random raindrops appearing on the pics.  I caught a cold :(  so I also was staying extra warm under my Essentials by Milano ruffled shirt and Kapalua wool sweater, and Almost Famous skinnies.  By the time I got home from work, we watched Sherlock Holmes aka Sherlock Homeboy... I swear this whole time I thought it was Jude Law who was playing Sherlock, but it was Downey.  I also got my 90210 fix.. I think the season is getting better this year, and that teacher is such a creep!!!  I remember in my highschool in grade 8 one of the Science teachers got fired for having naked pictures in his desk of underaged students.. I never figured out if he took them, or if it was students that set him up to get him fired.  He was creepy and super mean, so it could go either way.

Bob Marley - Coming in from the Cold

Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Coat, White Shoes, Black Hat, Cadillac

Ugh I can't believe I'm not even caught up on these posts yet!  Oh well this challenge is almost done atleast!  For Day 38 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days (sunday) I wore a pair of Keds cherry flats.  In case you havent noticed I have a lot of different Keds flats thanks to my old Keds staff discount through Stride Rite.  I also wore my bomber from Danier, pants from Zara, and a Jimi tee from the Rock Shop.  We ended up going for a stroll around Squint Lake.  Right when I was about to take the photo of my shoes, a giant golden lab came running by me and jumped right into the stream to splash around.  So glad he didnt shake off by me!

Rancid - Time Bomb

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make an old man wish for younger days

So I planned to catch up on my blog this weekend, but I end up posting on sunday.  Friday night turned into a pretty awesome night!  It was Day 37 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  I actually had a few outfit changes this day.  For day 37, I wore a pair of Spring black stilletos.  I call these my New Years shoes, as they were originally purchased for a new years party.  I also wore my DKNY jacket, and a tiedye shirt from Garage, and added some random chunky bracelets.  I ended up going to the Yale to watch Brickhouse, and danced the night away past 3am.. So much fun, and met some Drs from Holland here on a convention that danced so funny!  Well maybe not funny, but insisted that every song involves spinning.  Talk about dizzy.  After the Yale went back to my moms place downtown and ended up going to bed at 5am.

Woke up the next day super tired, but it was looking good in Coal Harbor.. we headed out to go use the Teambuy deal for La Belle Patate.  I got a small bbq chicken poutine, and my mom had fries with cheese curds, onion and mushrooms.  Normally the fries would not be gluten free, and the gravy does have wheat.  My mom made a special request for the fries to be fried where they blanch the potatos, so that there was no cross contamination.  This poutine is totally different from Fritz.  At Fritz, the cheese curds are more melted and stringy.  At La Belle Patate they are big and squeeky.  They literally make a squeeking noise while you chew them.  I think that is the more authentic way, but I prefer my cheese melted on my fries.  After lunch, I headed back to my hood which consisted of movies, SNL and sleep.

Rick James - Brick House

Friday, September 24, 2010

And now it's time for you to go, you taught me most of all I know

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm a day behind so this is what I wore on thursday.. For day 36 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  It was a gloomy icky wet day, so I decided I would wear my duck Keds shoes.  They remind me of ducks splashing in puddles, even though these shoes are not puddle boots!  Someone should totally design puddle boots with ducks on them!  I also wore a cardi my grandma thrifted to me, Threads top & Suko jeans.  Yesterday my mom also met up with me after work to take advantage of my staff discount.  For 35$ she recieved 7 Champion items that would normally be $315 plus tax!!!  I love my staff discount.

Off to watch Gone with the Wind now.. sadly, I'm spending friday night by myself.. so time for some Scarlett O'Hara.  Will update again tomorrow.  9 more posts for 45 Shoes, 45 Days!

RHCH - Venice Queen

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love me two times girl, I'm gone away

My 2nd post today!!!  Well, it is actually day 35 of 45 Shoes 45 Days.. but since I didn't update my blog yesterday, it's the second post today.  So is anyone else watching the new Hells Kitchen season?  Where is Jean-Phillipe, and who is this physco Raj who clearly needs to go home, and how awesome is it that we just saw Morimoto try to teach them sushi!  Did anyone else eye his signature sushi pattern they quicky showed!

Here is day 35 of 45 Shoes 45 Days!  I wore my newly inherited vintage suede hat from Hudson's Bay in 1950.  I wore my newly purchased - as of yesterday Champion track jacket.  Well actually it's poly-knit.  Check out my jacket for $5!!!  Totally matched my tee.  I feel a little matchy matchy in these photos, but I didn't wear the jacket or the hat at all times today.. sometimes just a few of the pieces.  For my daily shoes I wore a pair of brown suede chocolate wedge Tommy Hilfigers.  These shoes I usually dress up with a light denim or white shorts.  Really comfy, and they can be rolled up for a higher boot!

Doors - Love me two times

I would climb any mountain, sail across the stormy sea

Jambo!!!  Sorry this post is a day delayed, but I was super busy yesterday and when I got in, I totally just felt like enjoying a home cooked dinner my hubby made, and unwinding to a movie.  Yesterday for Day 34 of 45 Shoes 45 Days I wore a pair of Keds sequined flats.  I also have these shoes in the high top version from Keds designer Nanette Lapore.  These are so comfy!  I'm surprised I haven't worn these much, but then this is the point of the challenge!  To get more use out of all these shoes in my closet I hardly wear.  I also wore a pair of Spacegirlz pants, BleHeaven & Garage shirts & grabbed a BCBG bag and random accessories.

I also decdided to start making use of my staff purchase after 1 week on the job.  To my surprise it was CRAZY GOOD!  I get discounts on Stormtech and Champion products.  I bought 4 Champion pieces and got $55 yoga pants for $5, $30 Track pants for $4, $65 track jacket for $5 and $20 shorts for $2.50.  On top of that I got an additional 20% off as we were having a sale, and I only paid $18 and some change including tax for the 4 pieces!  What a crazy deal!!!!!  I swear I will be shopping all the time on my breaks - so dangerous!!! 

Boston - Feels like the first time

Monday, September 20, 2010

All you must hold on to, is you

Just another manic monday... actually today went by pretty fast.. and just like last week, I forgot it's 90210 night!!  So here is just a quick post before it starts.  Today, for day 33 of 45 Shoes 45 Days I wore a pair of black and white checkered Keds.  These were limited edition Christmas shoes, but for me they have nothing to do with Christmas as there is no red/white/green.  These are cord flats and super comfy!  I also wore my Danier leather bomber, Tahari dress pants and an Eye Shadow top.  Off to make some tea before my show starts!  See you on tuesday :)

Erykah Badu - Bag Lady

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We fight like barbarians In sight of the former might

How was everyones Saturday?  Mine was so much fun!!  Had a great night at Salathai with some friends.
For day 32 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger black suede heels with sequins.  These are such fun heels.  Perfect for when you want a pair of black ones with a bit of originality that can blend with jeans.  I also wore a pair of Suko jeans, Miss Cheavous top and a H&M pin strip blazer.  This outfit survived many downpours last night.  Thank you shoes for tollerating the monsune!

Jasmin Tea from Salathai

Lettuce Wrap with Tofu - Ali & Teresa's appy

Thai Calamari - Morg and Jaz's appy

The ladies at Salathai

Tom Yum soup.

Morgan & Jazmins Pork

Ali & Teresas Pad Thai

My red curry prawns

Morg & Jaz's Chicken and rice noodles.

Chicken fried rice

Ali & Teresa's Garlic Prawns

Daily 45 Shoes, 45 Days outfit after Salathai

The Roots - Guns are drawn

Friday, September 17, 2010

I wanna be more than a moment that you spent in your life

It's FRIDAY!  Ok so I know I may have been saying that alot, but I REALLY have joined the Friday train.  I mean, when your a house-wife.. everyday is your saturday... But this is my FRIDAY!  especially after long days setting up an amazing showroom.. I have felt the madness... so now it's time to relax.  So I headed off to Migz for some wings.
For day 31 of 45 Shoes 45 Days, I now have 15 days left!  Exciting to know I'm this far!  I wore a pair of Timberland boots.  I LOVE THESE BOOTS!  Well I love a lot of boots.. but these are real quality dealing with Vancouver weather.  I was seriously, seriously wanting a pair of navy roll over timz when they first came out... and I would stalk Champs & Athletes World with an eye out waiting for them....  Well mens department carried them, but the womans were not taking them on!  I didnt care, so I got these for an xmas present one year...  I love them so much :)  Plus the best thing is I got a free sample of a duplicate in the exact same timberland shoe in 12 months for a baby.. Yup free sample of baby timberlands, so gotta take care of mine to make sure they match one day.

Musiq ft Jr. Gong - I wannabe

She said she's from deep inside Africa....

Welcome to Day 30 of 45 Shoes 45 Days!  Also known as a late night post!  Since I updated Day 29 at 6am this morning, I realize my posts will be at e-regular times.  But then I realize... THIS IS MY BLOG!!!!  Does blogging really have a time limit?  Is this a 9-5 job?  No.... so If I don't post by 12pm.. It's really not like a corporate end of the world deadline.  No one is going to never read this again if I don't do prime hour posts.. so welcome to the next generation of a busy woman blogger!
I'm a day behind, so here is yesterdays outfit... I had the pics taken late, as I had a bunch of errands to do after the Gala.  Oh speaking of which... FUN NIGHT!  Well except for the custom waterfall flooding the entrance way 45 minutes to show, thanks to catering messing with the water knobs in the kitchen!  Ughhh.. I can only imagine the havoc!  Anyways... I wore a pair of Keds seashells wedge shoes for day 30.. Kept it relax!

Sam Mangwana - Kabibi

Cause Livin is Learnin and Learnin is Livin

I'm back working again!  Hence the delay of my posts.  I now have succomb to delayed blogspot posts, twitter status's, and facebook updates.. except when I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  But using my Itouch for the internet isn't the best way to update this... so welcome to 6am posts. 

My new daily routine still includes waking up at 530 am.  So far I have worked 2 days this week, and now it's friday!  I have a new appreciation for fridays all over again!  My first 2 days at work have been pretty awesome.  We had a gala last night, so I was putting together the show room.  I helped set up and style manequins, display product, put up posters and shelves, organize catalogs and media kits etc...  Pretty fun, and it's helping me get an idea of all the product as there are sooo many skus!  I am totally going to make use of my staff purchase soon.  I found a waterproof hooded cord jacket that I am in love with.  I never thought that there was waterproof corduroy!  I also get to purchase leather jackets!!!  No more Danier prices!  Well I've only purchased my leather bomber from Danier - but I still bought it for $275 on sale - I think it was regular $450.  Now I get jackets even cheaper!  They also have amazing workout clothing!

For My first day at work I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger white open-toe heels for Day 29 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  I also wore a Zinc blazer, B'Leev top with a sequined belt from Vegas and a pair of Calvin Klein dress pants.  Hopefully by this weekend I will be caught up on my blog!!! 

Guru - Guidance

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cause that long cool woman had it all

Jambo Street Style Stef readers!  It's the last day before I start working.  I can't believe it starts tomorrow.  You know the only thing I think I'm going to miss is watching my soap Days... but then I went years without watching it, and I didn't really miss anything.  Last night I watched the Killers with Ashton.  I can't imagine having all my neighbors trying to kill me, in a friendly stab your milk carton kind of way. 

I'm just going to do a quick post as I have a few things to do.  For day 28 of 45 Shoes 45 Days, I wore a pair of Keds flats in a glittery orange multi color.  I also wore a Garage gold halter top and a pair of XOXO pants.  Topped it off with a hat from Winners, and a bracelet & earings from H&M, glasses from Bang-On and a bag from Kenya.  I don't wear these shoes too often, so I'm glad this challenge had me wearing them for a day.  I also wrapped my gold scarf around me like a blazer.  Sort of looks like it came with the top and hat doesn't it!  Wish me luck for my first day tomorrow!

Hollies - Long Cool Woman

Sinking into sweet uncertainty

So how does one spend a long weekend in the summer in BC?  By Heading to Tofino of course!!!!!  I've been meaning to upload these pics of our mini getaway to Tofino.  The pictures speak for themselves!!  Sun, Sand and Surf.. who could need more.  This is how I spent an awesome weekend getaway.

We stopped at Cathedral Grove to see the Big Tree.

Radar Lookout - where there was a lookout station during WWII.

Schooners Cove

View from our balcony.  Yes we had our own private hot tub!

Our Campfire

View on the Wickinninish patio

Wickinninish beach

Goats on the Roof in Coombs

Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness