Friday, September 24, 2010

And now it's time for you to go, you taught me most of all I know

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm a day behind so this is what I wore on thursday.. For day 36 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  It was a gloomy icky wet day, so I decided I would wear my duck Keds shoes.  They remind me of ducks splashing in puddles, even though these shoes are not puddle boots!  Someone should totally design puddle boots with ducks on them!  I also wore a cardi my grandma thrifted to me, Threads top & Suko jeans.  Yesterday my mom also met up with me after work to take advantage of my staff discount.  For 35$ she recieved 7 Champion items that would normally be $315 plus tax!!!  I love my staff discount.

Off to watch Gone with the Wind now.. sadly, I'm spending friday night by myself.. so time for some Scarlett O'Hara.  Will update again tomorrow.  9 more posts for 45 Shoes, 45 Days!

RHCH - Venice Queen

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