Friday, September 17, 2010

Cause Livin is Learnin and Learnin is Livin

I'm back working again!  Hence the delay of my posts.  I now have succomb to delayed blogspot posts, twitter status's, and facebook updates.. except when I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  But using my Itouch for the internet isn't the best way to update this... so welcome to 6am posts. 

My new daily routine still includes waking up at 530 am.  So far I have worked 2 days this week, and now it's friday!  I have a new appreciation for fridays all over again!  My first 2 days at work have been pretty awesome.  We had a gala last night, so I was putting together the show room.  I helped set up and style manequins, display product, put up posters and shelves, organize catalogs and media kits etc...  Pretty fun, and it's helping me get an idea of all the product as there are sooo many skus!  I am totally going to make use of my staff purchase soon.  I found a waterproof hooded cord jacket that I am in love with.  I never thought that there was waterproof corduroy!  I also get to purchase leather jackets!!!  No more Danier prices!  Well I've only purchased my leather bomber from Danier - but I still bought it for $275 on sale - I think it was regular $450.  Now I get jackets even cheaper!  They also have amazing workout clothing!

For My first day at work I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger white open-toe heels for Day 29 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  I also wore a Zinc blazer, B'Leev top with a sequined belt from Vegas and a pair of Calvin Klein dress pants.  Hopefully by this weekend I will be caught up on my blog!!! 

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