Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cause that long cool woman had it all

Jambo Street Style Stef readers!  It's the last day before I start working.  I can't believe it starts tomorrow.  You know the only thing I think I'm going to miss is watching my soap Days... but then I went years without watching it, and I didn't really miss anything.  Last night I watched the Killers with Ashton.  I can't imagine having all my neighbors trying to kill me, in a friendly stab your milk carton kind of way. 

I'm just going to do a quick post as I have a few things to do.  For day 28 of 45 Shoes 45 Days, I wore a pair of Keds flats in a glittery orange multi color.  I also wore a Garage gold halter top and a pair of XOXO pants.  Topped it off with a hat from Winners, and a bracelet & earings from H&M, glasses from Bang-On and a bag from Kenya.  I don't wear these shoes too often, so I'm glad this challenge had me wearing them for a day.  I also wrapped my gold scarf around me like a blazer.  Sort of looks like it came with the top and hat doesn't it!  Wish me luck for my first day tomorrow!

Hollies - Long Cool Woman

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