Friday, September 17, 2010

I wanna be more than a moment that you spent in your life

It's FRIDAY!  Ok so I know I may have been saying that alot, but I REALLY have joined the Friday train.  I mean, when your a house-wife.. everyday is your saturday... But this is my FRIDAY!  especially after long days setting up an amazing showroom.. I have felt the madness... so now it's time to relax.  So I headed off to Migz for some wings.
For day 31 of 45 Shoes 45 Days, I now have 15 days left!  Exciting to know I'm this far!  I wore a pair of Timberland boots.  I LOVE THESE BOOTS!  Well I love a lot of boots.. but these are real quality dealing with Vancouver weather.  I was seriously, seriously wanting a pair of navy roll over timz when they first came out... and I would stalk Champs & Athletes World with an eye out waiting for them....  Well mens department carried them, but the womans were not taking them on!  I didnt care, so I got these for an xmas present one year...  I love them so much :)  Plus the best thing is I got a free sample of a duplicate in the exact same timberland shoe in 12 months for a baby.. Yup free sample of baby timberlands, so gotta take care of mine to make sure they match one day.

Musiq ft Jr. Gong - I wannabe

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  1. Apparently their poutine is to die for.