Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I would climb any mountain, sail across the stormy sea

Jambo!!!  Sorry this post is a day delayed, but I was super busy yesterday and when I got in, I totally just felt like enjoying a home cooked dinner my hubby made, and unwinding to a movie.  Yesterday for Day 34 of 45 Shoes 45 Days I wore a pair of Keds sequined flats.  I also have these shoes in the high top version from Keds designer Nanette Lapore.  These are so comfy!  I'm surprised I haven't worn these much, but then this is the point of the challenge!  To get more use out of all these shoes in my closet I hardly wear.  I also wore a pair of Spacegirlz pants, BleHeaven & Garage shirts & grabbed a BCBG bag and random accessories.

I also decdided to start making use of my staff purchase after 1 week on the job.  To my surprise it was CRAZY GOOD!  I get discounts on Stormtech and Champion products.  I bought 4 Champion pieces and got $55 yoga pants for $5, $30 Track pants for $4, $65 track jacket for $5 and $20 shorts for $2.50.  On top of that I got an additional 20% off as we were having a sale, and I only paid $18 and some change including tax for the 4 pieces!  What a crazy deal!!!!!  I swear I will be shopping all the time on my breaks - so dangerous!!! 

Boston - Feels like the first time

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