Thursday, September 9, 2010

If your friends is true they'll be there with you

So my hair is all over the place in these photos, but that's what I get for sitting on a starbucks patio on a windy sunny day!  Yesterday I ended up not having anyone to take my picture so I'm going to forward to Day 24 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  Actually I just realized my Olympus has a 12 second self timer, so I guess I should start making use!  I also just realized my camera has 2 close-up options and a red eye option which I really need to start making use of.  It's weird, I have had this camera for 4 years now and I don't make use of hardly any of the functions.  I have never even tested out the 3 of the water functions.  I also didn't discover the fireworks, sunset and cuisine options until this summer.

For Day 24, I met up with my homegirl Mayira at Starbucks.  I actually have 3 Starbucks locations closer than the one at Brentwood, but I hate when the patio's are all in the shade.  So I resort to the brentwood one for some sun.  I totally needed a girls day, and as soon as I get a job I am totally planning a night out with my girls!  Today I wore a pair of tweed Grasshopper flats in brown.  I also have these in grey, which I wore on day 20.  These shoes are soooo comfy, and everyone that owns these shoes would know that!  A few of my old coworkers have these also, and we would catch ourselves wearing them on the same day at work!  I also wore a Ground Up Entertainment shirt.  I think I have like 5 or 6 different GUP shirts.  I wore my I Am Reggae one on day 21.  I love this one for it's bright colors and microphone.  I also took out my bag from Kenya and my Parasuco denim jacket.  Mayira took out her sisters car today instead of driving her SUV as she's trying to be eco-friendly.  The car totally made us look like soccer moms instead.  Since I haven't had this blog for too long - I figured I'd throw up some of my favorite pictures of Mayira and I over the 7 years of our friendship :)  I'm also including a picture of last nights sunset & from tonight.  I'm a sucker for pretty sunsets!  The colors haven't been touched at all.  We have just had some crazy skies lately.

Wednesday Night Sunset

Thursday Night Sunset

Mayira and I early 2004 - when we actually went to Chicago's.  I don't think you would ever catch me in there unless someone dragged me.

Mayira & I July 2008 - No I idea what was going on, but we were laughing so hard!

Mayira & I  July 2008 @ a bday party in Yaggers private room

TLC - What About Your Friends

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