Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love me two times girl, I'm gone away

My 2nd post today!!!  Well, it is actually day 35 of 45 Shoes 45 Days.. but since I didn't update my blog yesterday, it's the second post today.  So is anyone else watching the new Hells Kitchen season?  Where is Jean-Phillipe, and who is this physco Raj who clearly needs to go home, and how awesome is it that we just saw Morimoto try to teach them sushi!  Did anyone else eye his signature sushi pattern they quicky showed!

Here is day 35 of 45 Shoes 45 Days!  I wore my newly inherited vintage suede hat from Hudson's Bay in 1950.  I wore my newly purchased - as of yesterday Champion track jacket.  Well actually it's poly-knit.  Check out my jacket for $5!!!  Totally matched my tee.  I feel a little matchy matchy in these photos, but I didn't wear the jacket or the hat at all times today.. sometimes just a few of the pieces.  For my daily shoes I wore a pair of brown suede chocolate wedge Tommy Hilfigers.  These shoes I usually dress up with a light denim or white shorts.  Really comfy, and they can be rolled up for a higher boot!

Doors - Love me two times

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  1. sweet deal on the jacket