Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make an old man wish for younger days

So I planned to catch up on my blog this weekend, but I end up posting on sunday.  Friday night turned into a pretty awesome night!  It was Day 37 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  I actually had a few outfit changes this day.  For day 37, I wore a pair of Spring black stilletos.  I call these my New Years shoes, as they were originally purchased for a new years party.  I also wore my DKNY jacket, and a tiedye shirt from Garage, and added some random chunky bracelets.  I ended up going to the Yale to watch Brickhouse, and danced the night away past 3am.. So much fun, and met some Drs from Holland here on a convention that danced so funny!  Well maybe not funny, but insisted that every song involves spinning.  Talk about dizzy.  After the Yale went back to my moms place downtown and ended up going to bed at 5am.

Woke up the next day super tired, but it was looking good in Coal Harbor.. we headed out to go use the Teambuy deal for La Belle Patate.  I got a small bbq chicken poutine, and my mom had fries with cheese curds, onion and mushrooms.  Normally the fries would not be gluten free, and the gravy does have wheat.  My mom made a special request for the fries to be fried where they blanch the potatos, so that there was no cross contamination.  This poutine is totally different from Fritz.  At Fritz, the cheese curds are more melted and stringy.  At La Belle Patate they are big and squeeky.  They literally make a squeeking noise while you chew them.  I think that is the more authentic way, but I prefer my cheese melted on my fries.  After lunch, I headed back to my hood which consisted of movies, SNL and sleep.

Rick James - Brick House

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