Friday, September 17, 2010

She said she's from deep inside Africa....

Welcome to Day 30 of 45 Shoes 45 Days!  Also known as a late night post!  Since I updated Day 29 at 6am this morning, I realize my posts will be at e-regular times.  But then I realize... THIS IS MY BLOG!!!!  Does blogging really have a time limit?  Is this a 9-5 job?  No.... so If I don't post by 12pm.. It's really not like a corporate end of the world deadline.  No one is going to never read this again if I don't do prime hour posts.. so welcome to the next generation of a busy woman blogger!
I'm a day behind, so here is yesterdays outfit... I had the pics taken late, as I had a bunch of errands to do after the Gala.  Oh speaking of which... FUN NIGHT!  Well except for the custom waterfall flooding the entrance way 45 minutes to show, thanks to catering messing with the water knobs in the kitchen!  Ughhh.. I can only imagine the havoc!  Anyways... I wore a pair of Keds seashells wedge shoes for day 30.. Kept it relax!

Sam Mangwana - Kabibi

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