Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To catch me is to catch a Leprechaun

Welcome to September :).  What a way to end August!  Our last day was all rain!  It was horrible.  I'm so used to this sun.  As I'm sad to see in go, I look forward to what fall brings!  I was going to call this day 17, but since I wore 2 pairs last post - I will consider that day 17 & 18 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days.  For day 18 I went out for a local stroll around Greystone as the rain was gone.  I wore a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots.  When I originally purchased these boots through Robeez, I remember I got mixed reactions.  I got these for $33 and they were available for retail at 120$.  One of my previous Co Workers at Robeez said they were the ugliest pair of boots he had seen in his life.  I had some others think they were horrible, and some thought they were ok.  No one loved them except me.  They also were available with the corduroy in navy, olive and army.  They are leather and corduroy with teddy bear plush inside.  These shoes are so warm, and super comfy!
I also wore a Parasuco tee, Zion hoodie & a pair of anonymous leggings.  In a few posts ago I blogged about how a pair of the leggings I was wearing got sadly ruined :(.  After I had my cement and ice brawl with them, I went out woundily shopping & wanted a replacement.  These were nothing similar to the ones I was replacing, but I loved them and purchased them.  I had thrown them into my closet and today was the first time I wore them.  I also added some pins to the mix, Jimi and 2 Nesta ones.  I know alot of people say they would never mix together black and brown for an outfit.  I think any colors can be mixed together.

Happy September Everyone :)

Erykah Badu - Four Leaf Clover

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