Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who will stand up for the people, musically

Im almost caught up, and there is only like 5 days left or something in the 45 Shoes 45 Days Challenge!  Yesterday, Day 40 of 45 Shoes 45 Days - I wore a pair of Nanette Lepore Keds hemp wedge heels with a bright pink flower detail and laces.  These are super comfy wedges!  I also have them in grey with bright pink and yellow, that I wore during this challenge.  I also wore a pair of Garage capris, Ecko shirt, and a Pink zipup hoodie.  It was day 2 of my cold... I always seem to catch whatever is going around.  Good thing for buckleys and tea :) 

For day 40, I ended up watching Tyler Perry's Why Did I get Married 2.. It was a toss up between that and Just Wright.  Not a bad movie, but not the usual fun comedy or action movie I'm used to.  Can't wait for my cold to be over, it's just not as fun taking pictures when you are sick.

Burning Spear - Identity

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