Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inside A Killer, Thriller Tonight

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Hope everyone celebrating this weekend has fun costumes, scary movies and activities to celebrate the festivities!  I recently went out to a local sushi spot - Gohan.  It's been here for about 4 years but we have never gone for some reason.  We finally checked it out .  We both ordered one of their lunch specials - the chicken teriyaki and ebi tempura combo for 8.95.  I really, really wanted to try some of their specialty rolls which ranged from $5-$10 a roll, but I knew my eyes were bigger than my apetite.  Glad I didn't order more as we were both so full afterwards.

The server seemed a little too juiced up and angry, and came around way too often.  Also the music!!!  When we arrived they were playing some slow Michael Jackson, which was followed by some Loud Opera, than back to some slow Michael Jackon.  They had no sense of a playlist, and proper volume.  Other than that, the tempura was really light and fresh, and hardly oily.  The fruit was fresh pineapple which was good, and the teriyaki sauce was thick and really tasty.

After breakfast we headed home, relaxed, ran some errands and then got ready for our dinner at Moxies on W Broadway.  I have never been to Moxies prior, and I won a $100 GC through BTV recently. We got there, and saw they still had a heated patio going, and we saw a perfect table right beside a fireplace and a screen showing the World Series game 3 in Texas.  Perfect spot for us to chill, relax and watch the game!  Our waitress was GI Jane, and was much better that the creepy sushi boy from Gohan.  The music was also way more pleasing.

I ordered one of their daily drink specials to start - The Electric Long Island Slushy.

We ordered 2 appetizers to start - the Wasabi Tuna Tartare with fresh salsa, avocado & crostinis; and the Calamari tossed with red onions & tzatziki.  The tartare $11, was pretty fab.  The consistency fell apart into chunks really easily, but it was great to have the huge pieces.  The salsa and avocado made it really refreshing.

We also ordered Calmari for $10.  The peices were very small and easier to eat, but some pieces being more batter than squid.  It was a light coating which was great, and it paired well with the red onion.  I wished their was some jalepeno or chillies to add some heat though!

I had to also try the Rasberry Long Island Special also.

Our patio view was really reminding me of fall, especially sitting by a warm fireplace.

We ordered our mains later end of game, and I ordered the Taandori Salmon Salad $16 with mango & sunflower seeds served with melted brie on naan bread.  This salad was amazing!  I loved the mango, water chestnuts and cabbage with the perfectly cooked salmon.  The curry flavored naan with brie was pretty amazing also.

He ordered the Top Sirloin Oscar $28 with 8 oz steak with jumbo prawns, atlantic crab & béarnaise.  He loved his steak.  The prawns were good too, but we had a hard time removing the skewers.  I loved how the brocolli was a fresh huge piece!

Happy Halloween to all!  Off to the Utah vs Oklahoma City game now..

Michael Jackson - Thriller

I love my mango, I love my ackee

Happy Halloween everyone!  Well since I'm an event coordinator, I had to bring it to work on friday!  Thought I'd show a few pics of our pumpkin carving contest.  We had 22 pumpkins brought into work for judging, and we also had our costume contest.  Only about 15 people dressed up - including me - I was the Goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus.  We had some pretty fun costumes like the knocked up wedding hick, the Count from Sesame Street, Thing 1 from Dr Seus, 80's Madonna, the lady from The Birds, and a Bumble Bee and Ladybug.

Here are the pumpkins, and also some staff photos.

Chatta - Mango Love

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caution the road is hot

Welcome To Stephanie Blogs NBA 2010/2011.  The official first post of the regular season.  I have previously posted on the first preseason game, and also before preseason started in my Basketball Smack Talk section. 

I was sooooo extremely hyped all day.  In fact one of the first things I did today was ensure that Charles was going to wear his Kevin Garnett chamiponship Celtic jersey for the home game opener this season.  He said he wasn't, so I was like I am going to manage to wear this!  It was so big it was like wearing a Celtics dress, but with some jeans and a tee underneath, and a few teal and green bracelets with some green sneakers I pulled it off.  My work office is very casual, but then they make outdoor performance & sport wear... so they were probably more accepting of my oversized jersey, than when I wear pleather skinnies with a Michael Kors silk top, oversized vintage wool sweater & some 4 inch heals.  Hardly anyone dresses up at my work, but thankfully others have come forward since I started working there telling me I have encouraged them to dress more stylish.

Anyways, welcome to the Boston 2010/2011 new championship era.  Sorry haters, but thats what's going to happen.  Don't worry, I have predicting skills.  I did predict DUKE would take it last year and they did :).  So I had 5 key points to discuss, the #1st - Rasheed Wallace.

I was getting way to excited this morning to see my favorite player ever - Rasheed Wallace, play tonight.  Little did I know - I would pull up the Celtics Roster, just to not find Wallaces name there.  I was shocked!!  I was like did he get traded?  What happened to my main man!!  So I went to NBA players, and his name was not there!!  I called Charles immediately, and was told he retired.  Sooo sad, especially just finding out this afternoon and being totally hyped to see him play tonight!!

He was my favorite player..  And incase you are wondering who my other faves have been I've always had love for Robert Horry, Jalen Rose, Eddie Jones, Dwight Howard, Dennis Rodman & Kevin Garnett - and Rick Fox when he was the short haired, non cheating on Vanessa Williams kinda guy.

I'm going to miss Rasheed.  I loved him because he didnt give a fuck about doing those damn mandatory Stern interviews after each game.  I love him for his expression, and I love him for how deep he'll share his emotions for this game.  I admired him in Portland, and he became the man in Detriot.  I'll miss you & your grey hairspot Rasheed!!!

Now onto topic #2 - Shaq.  How is buddy not in shape this season?  Oh maybe it's cause he is too busy challenging Charles Barkley and Justin Bieber on Shaq vs, then getting in shape during off season like the others.  His belly, arms and neck are huge!!!!  But put him and Garnett together, and thats going to be a hard defense to get around.  Did anyone else notice his pass earlier to the Big Z like they are still team mates for Mike Brown?  Shaq better get it together, cause there is a lot of big men for the Green, and Perkins is on his way back!!

#3 - Thoughts Proven.  This topics I actually just really wanted to say to all those who thought Miami would runaway with tonights game - I TOLD YA'LL THEY AIN'T GOT THE HISTORY AND THE CHEMISTRY LIKE THE KEY PLAYERS DO FOR BOSTON!!!!  Boston may have a lot of new edditions, but Pierce, Allen, Garnett and Rondo hand the key chemistry and all players can be clutch.  Miami may bring a lot of noise, but they only spent a few months together, not a few years.  So anyone else think Bosh shaved his dreads for a fresh start?  Dustin' off them haters.

#4 - TNT Commentators.  Yay for Kenny & Chuck!  So glad to see them back.  This is where Shaq belongs when he retires.  Kenny & Chuck are the best, and if it wasn't for them, the halftime report sucks.  I can't even name which commentators are crappy as they are so insignificant and don't even get noticed.

#5 - This Season.  I am soo excited for this season.  I have missed my ball, and living in Vancouver all I seem to be surrounded by is crazyed hockey fans, and people that hate basketball because Toronto now sucks.  I've been telling them all along Toronto has always sucked, but I guess Chris Bosh really did fly away with their spirits.  I'm also really excited to check out Stephen Curry some more as he is my favorite up in coming.  I also think DeMarcus Cousins has potential to bring some crazy blocks, fowls and even drama to the court.  This season is still young, but there have been some key trades.  Boozer is with Chi-town, and Arenas is back.  So Mr. Demanding Stern, may be anal with suits on the courts, and interviews, but I guess money and numbers will make the world go round for him.. I wonder if Jordan is happy he is back

Bob Marley - Caution

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whoops outside your head

Fall is in the air!  Well the rain hit Vancouver this weekend, but I still got out to do some fall shopping.  I was on a mission to find my halloween costume.  I had been planning on getting one for the past 2 weeks for the work event.  It's sort of mandatory dressing up for work when planning the halloween party at work.  I'm not going to say what costume I got this weekend, but I will post pics next weekend. 
We also picked up some new reading material.  I got the final chapter of LA Candy, the Sugar & Spice hard copy.  Since Halloween is around the corner, I thought I'd share one of my childhood halloween outfits.  I was a Dalmation.  Whats everyone going to be for halloween and how are you celebrating it?

Steel Pulse - Ravers

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I feel you in my heart, And I don't even know you

It's Hump Day!  Thought I'd do a quick post.  In case you missed it, we had another gorgeous sunrise this morning.  This was my view while waiting for the train from Holdom.  I took a close up of Baker in the distance.  Sunrises make me happy.  New shoes also make me happy.  Now I own 67 pairs.  Below are my latest edition, a pair of suede zebra print wedges from Friis & Company.  All I can say is 21 dollars!!!  Yes that's right, these brand new danish beauties were all mine for 21 bucks.  If you are in the Vancouver area, make sure to check out Friis before they close!  Less than 1 week left.. and amazing deals!

Tegan & Sara - Nineteen

Monday, October 18, 2010

O Little Darling Don't Shed No Tears, No Woman No Cry

What a weekend I have had.  A lot has happened, and a lot of procrastinations turned into reality.  I've had to make some really difficult decissions in my life over the past while, and while some of them really hurt.. I finally have come to realize, that it's my life - and I need to put myself first.  I need to stop living a life hoping that I will become an exception, and start paving my way where I don't need to be an exception because everything will be what I want.

Well enough with that, on to the fun part of my weekend!  So I came across this store by my work called Friis & Co.  Well it actually isn't a store, its more of a mini wholesale shop thats closing down in 2 weeks that has amazing deals that no one knows about.  What I love even more about it, is that it's danish designed!  With the fact that I'm half danish, and it's rare to find amazing danish fashion.. I fell in love with this place!

I got this amazing leather purse with strands of pearls and leather chains. 

I also bought 3 rings.  Here are 2 of them.  The first one is a set of clusters.

The 2nd is a Fish.

When saturday came along I headed over to Relish for lunch.  I didn't really have to much on an appetite, so I opted to try their Spiced Tomato soup with anise and fennel for $6 and also their Spicy Broccolini seared in chilli flakes and garlic for $6.  Both were amazing, and I really loved the soup.  One of the best tomato soups I have had in a long time for sure.  After a late lunch I headed back to my crib to get ready for Ladies Night!  I had a semi-ladies night the night before, but Saturday I was ready to party.

I met up with one of my girls Jazmin for dinner before meeting the rest of my girls in Vancouver.  Jaz and I were going to check out the new Joeys in Burnaby, but after hearing they had a 90 minute wait list for a party of 2, we decided to hit up commercial drive for a quick bite.  We had no idea where to go, but as we passed my favorite indian spot on the drive, Corner Taandori - Jazmin wanted to check it out.  Plus its super cheap, at 8.99 a dish and so filling!  I was still pretty full from my lunch before, so I didnt want any rice, and couldn't even eat half of my naan that came with it.

Jazmin had the butter chicken with naan for $8.99.

I had the chilli chicken with naan for $8.99

I had never tried this dish before, and wanted something different and it was really good!

When we left the drive I met up with my girls Julia and Annette at Commercial and headed downtown to meet up with Martina, Teresa, Arsha, Mayira and Cheri for Joseph Richards on Granville.  I had never been to this club, had no idea what they played or what the crowd would be like.  All I knew was Arsha brother worked the VIP area so we could get in with a late guestlist with no cover.  This club was pretty amazing.  Best part is there was no drama.  No drunken losers bugging us, and no fights breaking out.  Perfect spot for a group of 10 girls to dance the night away.  They had an alto sax player come out for a good portion of the night to play along to the club music.  I took a few pics from the night posted below.  Also a shot of their water bottles - don't they look like a mickey?  Hope everyone had an amazing saturday night like me!

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell

Happy thursday everyone.  I think the best thing for me about leaving for work in the morning, is being able to stare at beautiful sunrises while waiting for the train.  Here is this mornings, and you can catch mount baker in the distance.  I also saw a rainbow but it didn't show as well as I wanted.

White Stripes - We Are Gonna Be Friends

Monday, October 11, 2010

I can't rock with you no more

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Well there's no turkey in this post, but we still had a feast!  Charles and I hit up Stephos for a long weekend brunch after a rainy day stroll in Vancouver.  We did some shopping downtown, and checked out the VIFF lineup but the ones we wanted to see werent playing, so we headed over to Scotia theatre, and nothing really stood out - so we went for a late brunch.  We couldn't decide on where to go, so we headed to Davie and ended up at Stephos.  Stephos was super packed as always, and we got one of the last tables without a wait, right by the kitchen.  We didnt eat breakfast prior, and I was pretty hungry so we decided to share an appy to go with our main.  I had forgot how big Stepho's plates are.  I'm still so full, and it's now 5 hours later.  Has anyone tried their steamed clams?  I'm thinking of trying those next visit.  Anyways check out the pics below from my Stepho's visit.

Charles ordered an Espresso, I had Peppermint tea. It was the first time he has ever ordered an espresso, and was shocked that it's so tiny yet so strong.  It's always funny to watch people who have no idea what an espresso is drink it like regular coffee.

We ordered the Saganaki to share - pan fried cheese for 4.95.  Nothing like ooey gooey warm cheese to warm you up on a cold day.  The cheese was awesome, but I sorta wish they added some pepper or some other spice to it.  They did provide a lemon slice that went great with the cheese.  The pita was just your regular pita, nothing special.

Garlic Prawns with Rice Pilaf, Roast Potatoes & Greek Salad for 12.45.  Talk about Portion control!  I was wishing they had a small of this, but they only had one size.  I totally was not able to finish this, but at least I ate all 12 of my pretty big Garlic Prawns.  I was shocked they provided 12, most places you get about 8.  I was also shocked they came arrived in a pan of melted butter!  I hardly eat butter, I don't even put it on corn on the cob - but I guess if you love butter these are for you!  There was a whole lot of garlic, and even a chilli pepper that they were cooked in.

Charles had the Rack Of Lamb for 9.95 which came with Roast Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Vege Briami and Salad.  I was curious what the Briami dish was as it looked like stew and I had never tried it before.  I tried some of Charles, and I swear it tasted like a drained Cambells Veggie soup.  His lamb portion was huge, and it was falling off the bone, so for under 10 bucks it was a pretty great deal!

When we were on our way home, this sign made me want to be somewhere warm, and not the 3 layers of shirts followed by a jacket I was wearing. 

I always love little birds!  On Davie, there were these 2 tiny bushes that had about 10 of these birds that must have nested inside that kept popping in and out of the bushes while all chirping.  Soo cute!

Foxy Brown ft Total - I Can't